Flatfoot Dance Company to perform one-show only at KZNSA 17 Feb 2017


“connections between a quartet”



Friday 17 February 2017 at 6pm


Durban’s inimitable FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY continues its partnership with the KZNSA Gallery and its 2017 performance calendar with a once-off specially conceptualised performance “connections between a quartet” on Friday, February 17 at 6pm.


The work uses all the spaces of the KZNSA to evoke a journey through a site; a journey through the deeply interior (and ever moving) identities of the four FLATFOOT dancers as they collaborative create an evening to spark the senses, and which echo in the big and small spaces of the gallery.  


In “connections between a quartet”, Jabu Siphika, Zinhle Nzama, Sifiso Khumalo and Tshediso Kabulu, seamlessly move into the role of both choreographer and dancer as they begin to explore the nature of their own connections to one another and their connections to inner struggles around identity. As the dancers begin to metaphorically and physically peel off their layers of clothing, they reveal the vulnerable self that cannot but move audiences.


Directed and facilitated by FLATFOOT’s Artistic Director, Lliane Loots, this ‘event’ is a space to allow the emerging (and now award winning) artistic and choreographic voices of the four FLATFOOT dancers to shine.


FLATFOOT has a reputation for offering politically-charged dance theatre and this work is no exception. Small site-specific relationship vignettes play our between dancers who seamlessly move and flow between one another in close encounters. The gallery space allows for a more intimate engagement with the dance work and is ideal for a slightly voyeuristic look into the lives of others. As Loots says; “The four FLATFOOT dancers have created a landscape of intimate and deeply profound personal storytelling and I feel that we are seeing the new generation of Durban’s choreographers being born – do not miss it!”


“connections between a quartet”, is for one night only. The performance begins at 6.15pm on Friday the 17th February at the KZNSA Gallery and tickets are R50 can be purchase up to 40mins before the show. The KZNSA Coffee Shop will be open at this time.