Celebrating the Velobala Class of 2016: Group Exhibition

Celebrating the Velobala Class of 2016: Group Exhibition

The African Art Centre is pleased to host the Velobala Class of 2016 Group exhibition showcasing charcoal, pencil, oil pastel, chalk pastel drawings, paintings and jewellery.

The Velobala Programme is an African Art Centre Development Project that offers formal art classes to young talented black artists who do not have the financial means to enroll for tertiary-level art training. Initiated in 1994, this African Art Centre programme is an ongoing commitment to facilitate exploration of different mediums for young talented artists, including ceramics, drawing, painting, jewellery and printmaking. This project is supported by the Durban University of Technology’s Department of Fine Art and Jewellery Design.

Over a period of 10 months the 2016 Velobala Programme saw the development of 28 aspiring artists.  Major Ndlovu, a second year student of the programme, said this: “The Velobala programme meant a lot to me, it introduced me to the art industry and helped me to build a solid foundation. What I like most about the programme is that you attend as much as you can, their classes are unlimited. They provide upcoming artists enough time to shape and showcase their talent. Once you participate in the Velobala programme you become part of the African Art Centre family.”  Works produced by Major Ndlovu will form part of the Velobala 2016 exhibition.

The Velobala 2016 exhibition at the African Art Centre will be opened from Thursday 9 February.

The Centre would like to thank the Artists for Human Rights Trust, Mr Price Home and the Durban University of Technology Fine Arts and Jewellery Department for partnering with the African Art Centre on this programme.  The exhibition is supported by the National Arts Council of South Africa.

For more details contact the African Art Centre on 031 3034634 or email