Kingsley  Holgate expedition team off on a ‘Vision Mission’ to the Zambezi Delta

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 Holgate expedition team off on a ‘Vision Mission’ to the Zambezi Delta

The Kingsley Holgate Foundation, in partnership with Doctors for Life and in celebration of the Land Rover Discovery’s 30-year anniversary, has  launched their biggest humanitarian expedition ever. Taking their Mashozi’s Rite to Sight programme to a different level, the team has set off for the wildly remote and malaria-infested Zambezi Delta to perform over 200 life-changing cataract operations, in a campaign called ‘Vision Mission’.


Just imagine hundreds of elderly people travelling long distances on foot, donkey and by dugout canoe; they have heard about the Foundation’s Rite to Sight work and the possible opportunity for better eye sight; a simple pair of spectacles could mean instant gratification and the gift of sight.  An old woman waits in the scorching African sun and finally it is her turn.  However, her hope turns to utter despair when she is turned away; her eyes are glazed over with cataracts and there is nothing the team can do to help – until now!


This is why the Kingsley Holgate crew has loaded up their expedition Land Rovers and have headed for Mozambique with their sturdy ‘Ma Robert’ inflatable pontoon boat in tow, to assist the non-profit Doctors For Life International (DFL) team conduct free-of-charge cataract operations in the Zambezi Delta, as part of DFL’s Aid to Africa programme.


According to the World Health Organisation, 246 million people are estimated to have low vision worldwide and about 90% of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries.  Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment and just a simple pair of spectacles can help. 


In keeping with using adventure to improve lives, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s focus on poor eyesight was started more than a decade ago by Mashozi (Gill) Holgate.  “I remember the day clearly,” said Kingsley.  “We were on our 23° 27 Capricorn round-the-world-by-Land-Rover Expedition, in South America close to the Piranha River, in the company of a team of rangers.  They told us that they were about to evict an old man who had lived all his life in a local village because he was becoming a danger to himself and others – he’d nearly burned down his hut several times whilst trying to light his stove.  We went with them to the old man’s hut and sure enough, there he was, fumbling with a box of matches.  The problem was – he couldn’t see properly. 


“I don’t know what made Mashozi think of it, but she suddenly rummaged in her big expedition bag, brought out a pair of her own basic readers and popped them on the old man’s nose.  Miraculously, they were the perfect strength.  A look of complete surprise came over his face, followed by a big, toothy grin as for the first time in years, he could see clearly again.  There were claps and cheers from the rangers as the old man confidently struck the match, lit his stove and made us each a cup of coffee.  The rangers allowed him to stay in his home and that was the start of our Mashozi’s Rite to Sight programme, named in her honour.  Since then, it’s gone from strength to strength; after careful eye tests, we’ve distributed over 200,000 pairs of reading glasses to poor-sighted, mostly elderly people in remote areas all over Africa and beyond.  The instant gratitude from the recipients and the immediate difference it makes in their lives is heart-warming.”


DFL has performed 2500 eye surgeries over the past decade throughout Africa, helping to reverse blindness and dramatically change lives.  This Zambezi Delta Vision outreach is in response to a call for help to assist blind people in the Marromeu, Luabo and Chinde areas.  DFL and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation are transporting two mobile operating theatres to Marromeu on the banks of the Zambezi River, along with a team of volunteer doctors and nurses from South Africa and eSwatini, with the aim of conducting at least 200 cataract surgeries during August.


“We are incredibly honoured to be a part of this humanitarian mission,” said expedition leader Ross Holgate.  “We know the Zambezi River well and our role will be to provide ground support.  Using our three Land Rovers and the ‘Ma Robert’ boat, we’ll be criss-crossing the Zambezi Delta, conducting our normal malaria prevention and Mashozi Rite to Sight spectacle-distribution work, and at the same time, assessing patients that need more stringent, corrective eye surgery.  The DFL doctors will train our expedition team on what cataract symptoms to look for and we will transport patients and their family members by water and road to the operating theatres, and then return them home after their eye surgery. It’s going to be a lot of hard work in difficult conditions with tricky logistics; just the amount of expedition kit, including the bolt-together ‘Ma Robert’ boat and medical equipment that’s being transported 2,000 kilometres to the Delta is quite unbelievable.”


Also supporting this humanitarian effort is the non-profit Mercy Air group, which recently played a vital role in providing emergency air support after Cyclone Idai devastated central Mozambique, rescuing hundreds of victims and transporting tonnes of food, drinking water, medical supplies and personnel to flood-stricken communities.  For this Zambezi Delta mission, Mercy Air is providing a helicopter and aeroplane to transport cataract patients living in inaccessible villages to the operating theatres by air.


“The capabilities of our tried-and-tested Land Rover Discoverys and faithful old Defender 130 are really going to be needed,” continued Ross.  “These are the same vehicles that took us safely to Africa’s extreme easterly point in dangerous Somalia in 2017 and completed the 17,000-kilometre transcontinental Cape Town to Kathmandu expedition last year, making short work of below-freezing, high-altitude and snow-filled mountain passes.  Then in April this year, they delivered tonnes of malaria prevention supplies and clean drinking water to flooded communities near Gorongosa National Park that were badly affected by Cyclone Idai. 


“Now, with over 70,000 kilometres of rough expedition work already on the clock, they’re again going to be tackling some tough off-road conditions – sand, mud and many river crossings – to safely transport patients to DFL’s operating theatres.  It’s a great way to continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Land Rover Discovery and we’re looking forward to improving the quality of life for many people.”


Zambezi Vision Mission at a glance:

3 Expedition Land Rovers

2 Mercy Air aircraft

2 Doctors For Life mobile operating theatres

1 large, inflatable pontoon-type ‘Ma Robert’ boat and tender

22 personnel

10 tonnes of equipment

2,000Km of rough roads

230Km of coastline and 18,000Km² of swamps, floodplains and savannah in the Zambezi Delta.

200+ cataract operations

1,000 recipients of Mashozi’s Rite to Sight eye-testing and spectacle distribution

 For more information follow the expedition on Facebook Kingsley Holgate Foundation.


New Netball Challenge for Schoolgirls - thanks to SPAR

SPAR Schoolgirls’ Fast 5’s Netball Challenge



Building on the highly successful hockey tournaments, SPAR KZN are proud to announce, in association with SchoolgirlSport (SGS), the exciting and brand new SPAR Schoolgirls’ Fast 5’s Netball Tournament that tips off this August.


The hockey tournament that got rolling in KZN nine years ago is now a popular highlight on the national schools sporting calendar. Complementing it, this netball challenge will begin with four tournaments this year in four regions, with the intention of twelve teams taking to the courts in each area.


Netting the first tournament, Amanzimtoti will be hosting at the Kuswag High School courts, which will have teams from around Durban on Saturday 3rd August, followed by Southcity Christian School in Margate hosting teams in the Southern KZN areas on Saturday 24th August. Empangeni High School will host Northern Coastal area on Saturday 31 August, and Voortrekker will host the final tournament with the Pietermaritzburg schools on Saturday 5th October.


The running of the programme will differ slightly from region to region, depending on the number of schools and if the hosts will run games in a round robin or pool game format. In the first tournament, Toti’s games will last an action packed 15 minutes each with the 11 teams playing a round robin, the match will have two 6 minute halves with a 2 minute break and 1 minute change over time allocation.


The coaches can give instructions from the sideline during play, and they have an unlimited allowance for substitutions. Ten players can represent each team, with coaches ensuring five players are constantly on the court – Goal Shooter (GS), Goal Attack (GA), Centre (C), Goal Defence (GD) and Goal Keeper (GK).


Schools participating in the inaugural tournament are Hillcrest High School, Kuswag High School, Amanzimtoti High School, Northlands Girls’ High School, Rossburgh High School, Durban North College, Durban Girls’ High School, Kingsway High School, KwaMakhutha High School, Gelofte High School and Ridgepark College.


This new tournament rides the crest of the wave of excitement around netball in SA as after the Proteas finished fourth in the 15th Netball World Cup after a sensational and thrilling world cup campaign. During the World Cup, the Mayor of Liverpool handed over the Netball Federation Flag to the upcoming host for the 2023 Netball World Cup, Cape Town.


Max Oliva, MD of SPAR KZN stated, “Signaling the start of an exciting journey for young netball players around South Africa, tournaments such as our SPAR Schoolgirls’ Fast 5’s Netball Tournament opens up a whole world of potential for so many talented, unearthed players from outlying areas that dream of wearing the green and gold.”


Director of SchoolGirlSport, Les Galloway enthused, “We are so looking forward to getting this tournament up-and-running, it has the opportunity to grow and make a real impact on our future netball stars. Who knows, young women participating in the inaugural Fast 5’s could be representing our country at the 2023 World Cup.”


For more info like the tournament’s Facebook page.


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Elite Runners at this year's SPAR Women’s Challenge 10km / 5km - Durban 23 June 2019

SPAR Women’s Challenge 10km / 5km

Durban: Sunday 23 June


As thousands of women gear up to participate in the 30th SPAR Women’s Challenge 10km/5km, attention falls on the front runners who will be making great strides towards yet another quick pace in the hopes of an impressive pay out in this milestone event.


To celebrate 30 years on, SPAR will award the winner of this race R30,000, as well as the usual cash category prizes. Leading the charge is Helalia Johannes from Namibia, running in the colours of Nedbank.


Johannes has accumulated 60 points in the SPAR Grand Prix, including earning 10 bonus points in the two events leading up to the Durban race. She clocked an impressive 31.50 in the Port Elizabeth race and knocked off 5 seconds from her PE time to record a lightning quick 31.45 in the Cape Town race.


Colleen de Reuck’s impressive 19-year-old record, a time of 31:38 set in 2000, looks like it might be in jeopardy of falling with a fast international field expected. 11 runners crossed the finish line, all recording times under 34 minutes in the Cape Town SPAR Women’s 10km Challenge.


Donning the number two, Ethiopian junior Tadu Teshame is currently placed second overall on the Grand Prix log, sitting 3 points behind the Namibian, Johannes. This exciting runner is also part of the Nedbank team topping the log in the Junior category.


Well known South African middle-distance runners Kesa Molotsane (M&R FS) and Irvette van Zyl (Nedbank CG) are flying the flag. Molotsane is lying in third position on the Grand Prix log with 53 points and van Zyl in fourth with 50 points.


Local runner, Makhosi Mhlongo (Hollywood Bets) is the only Durbanite currently featuring on the Grand Prix leader board, sitting in joint 17 place with a tally of 9 points.


The main event gets underway this Sunday at 8am, followed by the 5km fun event setting off at 9.30am. Race Registration takes place at Hall 6 at the Durban Exhibition Centre on Thursday 20 June and Friday 21 June from 10am until 5pm, and on Saturday 22 June from 10am until 3pm. Manual registration is still open, until the 15,000 capped number is reached.


For more info visit or like the Facebook page.




Durban SPAR Women’s 10/5km Challenge celebrates 30 years on

Media Release

Durban SPAR Women’s 10/5km Challenge celebrates 30 years on


Entries are open for the much-loved Durban SPAR Women’s 10/5km Challenge, the race that started the now iconic national women’s running event, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year on Sunday 23 June.


The Challenge, has over the years, seen hundreds of South Africa’s top athletes, including a number of distinguished Olympians, take the honours. Many of the sportswomen who have appeared in the top three of the race, are written in the annals of SA road-running history, including the likes of Zola Budd-Pieterse, Poppy Mlambo, Gwen Griffiths (van Lingen), Carlien Cornelissen, Nicole Fuller, Tanith Maxwell, the Kalmer sisters –Rene and Christine, the Phalula sisters – Lebogang and Lebo-Diana,  Irvette van Zyl and Nolene Conrad to name a few. 


This list, of course, includes two Durban favourites, Blanche Moila, who has appeared in the top three twice, and Grace de Oliveira who won twice (1994 and 1995) and appeared in the top three four times. Both have run all races since its inception.


The inaugural event has come a long way since it began in 1990 with field of 2,200 when the now USA-based SA athlete Colleeen de Reuck won in a time of  34:16.  Fast track to 2018, where Zimbabwean-based Betha Chikanga shaved off 1:09 from that time, bagging the win at 33:07 in a field of close to 14,000 participants.


Historically, the race route has remained fairly consistent around the Durban beachfront and CBD. The record time is still held by de Reuck who clocked in at 31:38 in 2000, followed in 2009 by Rene Kalmer with 32:27 and in 1991 by Gwen Griffiths (van Rensburg) with 32:28.


“Over 29 years more than 330,000 women and girls, including a smattering of some rather enthusiastic men, have beaten a track around the City in a show of camaraderie, and spirit,” says Max Oliva, MD of SPAR KZN.  “We look forward to continuing this wonderfully, colourful journey with thousands more like-minded fitness enthusiasts for many, many more years to come.” 


This year the race route remains the same as last year starting off in Masabalala Yengwa Avenue opposite the outer fields of Jonsson Kings Park Rugby Stadium, which is also the finish. 


To celebrate 30 years on, SPAR will award the winner of this race R30,000, as well as the usual cash category prizes.  Elite runners participating in the SPAR Women’s 10km Grand Prix Series will be vying to increase their standings on the leaderboard. Currently Namibian runner Helalia Johannes (Nedbank) is in poll position having won the Port Elizabeth race on 4 May in a regional record time of 31.50 minutes.


Participants will receive a breakfast pack upon completion of the event, and are encouraged to remain after the race and enjoy the entertainment on offer, with some big lucky draw prizes up for grabs to mark the 30th birthday.


Entry fees are R145 for a 10km non-licensed entrant, which will include a temp licence, R120 for a 10km licensed entrant and R120 for all 5km entrants. Entrants for the 10km challenge must be 14 years or older and for the 5km must be 9 years or older on the day of the competition.


Entries can be done online via the race website - EFT payments close on 10 June and Credit Card payments close on 17 June. A manual entry option is available, subject to the limit of 15,000 not having been reached, at race registration  which takes place at Hall 6 at the Durban Exhibition Centre on: Thursday, 20 June and Friday, 21 June from 10:00 to 17:00 and Saturday, 22 June from 10:00 to 15:00. All entrants will receive a promo bag at race registration. 


To enter online or for more race information,


For more information like the KZN SPAR Women’s Race Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.



SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge Highway Regional Thomas More College: Sunday 12 May

SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Highway Regional

Thomas More College: Sunday 12 May


St Mary’s DSG are again champions of the Highway Regional in the ninth SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge where they met Kloof High School in the regional final that took place at Thomas More College on Sunday 12 May. 


It took the defending champs 76 seconds to net their first of 8 goals in the final, when Cailynn den Bakker charged down the field in a solo dash, all the way to the goal line, where she slipped the ball under Kloof keeper, Nicole Nzama’s right foot to Gemma Wood who finished off the fantastic break. 


Thirty seconds later, the next attempt was fired in and bravely defended by Nzama. The second goal was netted by Tyler Pedley standing on the P spot, where she was on the receiving end of a nifty pass from the baseline, which she converted easily.


With five minutes played, den Bakker was back on the attack as she lifted her attempt on entry into the circle, only to have the shot thud into the brave last stand of Nzama. 6 minutes and 45 seconds into the game, St Mary’s earned their first of many short corners as they continued to pile on the pressure against Kloof. After the first shortie was defended, a minute later Saints were back on the prowl with their second short corner. From the castle, the ball moved left to a waiting Dani de Oliveira who sent a low flying flick beyond a charging Nzama for Saints third.


This time positioned on the right of the castle, de Oliveira was back in the action when she got the ball passed to her, firing in yet another rocket that Nzama managed to palm over out of play. Saints quickly got play underway in the long corner that quickly resulted in Cerian Fourie scoring the fourth.


With just over 7 minutes left, Megg Fourie standing at the top of the circle moved the ball right from the castle, but with defenders bearing down on the ball, it got slipped back to Fourie who earned her team’s fifth goal. Den Bakker moved into space midfield and again got the opportunity to stride goalwards, as she stepped into the circle, she slammed the ball into the goals for her teams sixth goal. 


In the final minutes, the defending champs surged forward, attacking from the baseline, Kloof’s Thabile Sibeko defender was hugging the post as the ball got moved infield from the line. Sibeko managed to intercept the ball, but in the flurry, mis-queued her clearance only to watch agonizingly as the ball rolled backwards across her own line. 


As the horn sounded full time, the game was camped out in Kloof’s circle with Saints setting up their sixth short corner. In the set play, a Kloof foot kicked the ball, giving Saints another opportunity. Saints moved play to Captain Kiana Cormack who fired in a shot, only to have the ball hit the post and rebound back to her who didn’t hesitate in slotting in her teams eighth goal, sealing a well deserved and well crafted victory. 


Umpire for the day was Alistair Tyrrell from Curro Hillcrest.


Eight times Highway Regional winners - Saints join eight other teams who are headed to the Grand Finals that takes place at St Mary’s DSG on 20 and 21 July. The teams that already have booked a spot are St Anne’s College (PMB North), Epworth (PMB Central), newcomer Crawford La Lucia (DBN North), Durban Girls’ College (DBN Central), Amanzimtoti High School (DBN South), Kokstad College (Southern KZN), Ferrum High School (Northern KZN) and Wartburg Kirchdorf (uMvoti, uThukela and uMzinyathi) .


For more info like the tournament’s Facebook page or follow on Instagram.


1 St Mary’s DSG, 2 Kloof High School, =3 Hillcrest High School, =3 Curro Hillcrest, 5 Thomas More College, 6 Westville Girls High School.



Kokstad College Reclaims their Regional Title

SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Southern KZN Regional

Creston College: Saturday 13 April


Reclaiming their title, after a colossal tussle Kokstad College hoisted the Southern KZN Regional trophy in the SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge on Saturday 13 April at Curro Creston College.


The regional final had Kokstad College take on St Patrick’s College in an East Griqualand derby, this was St Patrick’s best result in the nine years of the SPAR KZN challenge. Kokstad College reclaimed their third title having won the inaugural tournament and then again in 2014.


The result was 1 all at the final whistle in a ding-dong battle that saw both teams defend like Trojans with the result pending on three young players from each team stepping up for a penalty shoot-out. During game time, Kokstad hogged majority of the possession with Caitlyn O’Reily managing to capitalise. Midway through the final, surging forward after an attack O’Reily was left unmarked in the circle as she pounced on the ball following yet another attack by Kokstad that St Patrick’s managed to defend. The St Patrick’s defence seemed to be catching their breath when the ball shifted back into the circle and the nifty O’Reily not letting the opportunity pass, zapped her shot in.


St Patrick’s picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, more determined than ever, they retaliated with several threatening attempts on the other side of the field. Four minutes after Kokstad went 1 up, pocket-rocket Lakiesha Jansen calmly netted her teams equaliser in a scramble in front of the Kokstad goal.


With the game level at 1 all, it remained that way with attempts either being charged down or sliding either side of the goal posts. Until the fourth penalty when goal scorer, O’Reily took to the spot for Kokstad College. She powered forward meeting the advances of St Patrick’s keeper Phillipa McDonald, slipping the ball underneath her, the two ushered the ball in, one joyously and one agonisingly watching desperately as it rolled determinedly into the corner seeing Kokstad take the lead. The three remaining attempts amounted to no goals.


Leading up to the final, St Patrick’s met St Monica’s in the first semi-final with Kokstad College taking on defending champions King Edward in a fiery second semi-final. St Patrick’s went up 2 nil in their semi, with Jansen opening her teams account with a field goal and Paula Johnson getting the second in a short corner. In the Kokstad and KEHS fiery game, a couple of green cards were raised as the two highly competitive teams pushed each other to the limit the scoreline was level at the end of full time. In a game that ended in a penalty shoot-out, and then sudden death, Tyler Rorke held strong for her team allowing Kokstad to take the honours, defeating the defending champs who have dominated the tournament for the last four years.


In the bronze game, the score was level at full time, with both teams heading to the box for a penalty shoot-out. Both teams were level 2 all after the first round with Shanteece Fernandez and Retshe Khiba notching up King Edwards goals and Siso Mnukwa and Reabetsoe Ramaota earning goals for St Monica’s. The game rolled on to sudden death with Fernandez keeping her cool and taking King Edward to a well-earned bronze.


Umpire for the Day was the decisive Noah Maartens, a Grade 10 learner from St Patrick’s.


Kokstad College is the sixth team to earn a place at the Grand Finals, they join St Anne’s College (PMB North), Epworth School (PMB Central), Crawford La Lucia (DBN North Regional) and Durban Girls’ College (DBN Central Regional) and from last weekend, Amanzimtoti High School (DBN South Regional).


The next tournament heads inland to Newcastle for the Northern KZN Regional on Saturday 4 May.


1 Kokstad College, 2 St Patrick’s College, 3 King Edward High School, 4 St Monica’s High, 5 Suid Natal High, 6 Port Shepstone High, 7 Creston College, 8 Southcity Christian School, 9 Ixopo High School, 10 Scottburgh High School

Toti Retain Their Title For The Fifth Time

Toti Retain Their Title For The Fifth Time

Amanzimtoti High School resolutely retained their title making it five titles at the Durban South Regional of the SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge that took place on Sunday 7 April at the 3 Schools Trust Astro.
The defending champs met the surprise package of the tournament, the fantastic zealous team representing New Forest High School, who were making not only their first semi-final appearance but also progressing all the way to the regional final. The game ended 3 nil in favour of Amanzimtoti but not after a valiant, brave and enthusiastic tussle from New Forest.
It took Toti 40 seconds to reveal their hand as they charged down field, displaying their pure determination to keep possession of the ball and the game up in New Forest’s half.
Just shy of 8 minutes into the game, putting her team on the scoreboard, feisty forward, Anani Xozwa scored a killer goal, balancing herself a few feet out from the box, she rocketed a solid shot that deflected off a defenders stick, not giving the New Forest keeper, Tamia Wilde any possibility of stopping the ball as it landed in the top net.
Back in the thick of things, Xozwa teased the defence as she pulled and weaved her way to the edge of the field, knocking the ball goal-wards. The soft attempt got lost in the scramble, the ball brushing Xozwa’s stick on its way to a crowded goal mouth as an unsighted Wilde diverted the ball as it hit the back of her leg, crossing her line giving Toti their second goal.
With the clock winding down, Toti earned a short corner. Injecting from the left side of the field, the ball was rolled out to Tayla Potgieter, who wasted no time in settling the ball and quickly firing in a shot that pummelled the right side of the box giving her team a 3 nil win.
Finishing third was the hard-working team from Kingsway High School. From the get-go, Kingsway’s defence was out of the top drawer. Backed by a fearless keeper, Keisha Tsouros who wasn’t afraid to charge down the ball, saving countless goals. Tsouros and her defence did a superb job during the course of the day. Kingsway met Werda in the bronze medal game where the majority of the game was played between the two 22s. A rare break on either end resulted in fumbles or misses. At full time with the scoreboard not moving, the game progressed to a penalty shoot out to reveal third place.
Kingsway’s Leoni de Beer went first notching up the first goal. She was followed by Amy Rust from Werda who couldn’t round the charging frame of Tsouros. Keely Crocker was next to go for Kingsway and her solid strike met the outstretched right foot of Werda’ keeper, Mikeyla Snyders. Tyralee Meyer was second to go for Werda and her diving attempt went agonisingly past the right hand upright, the score was still 1 nil to Kingsway. In the third round, Kingsway’s Thapelo Moumakwa set off to the right side of the circle, drawing out Snyders. Moumakwa calmly slapped the ball to the right of Snyders watching it all the way as she earner her team a 2 nil victory and third place.
In the Pool A the teams were decided easily as Toti topped the log followed by Werda. Pool B resulted in three teams all being level. As two teams needed to advance to the semi-finals, the three teams were required to have a penalty shoot out. Lining up first was three players each from New Forest and Kuswag with New Forest taking it 2-1. Second round saw three players each from Kuswag and Kingsway and Kingsway taking that 2 to Kuswag’s 1. In the final round was Kingsway and New Forest and which Kingsway also took 2 to New Forest’s 1 forcing out Kuswag from the top four.
Coach for New Forest, Rene Haynes said, “I have no idea what we have done differently to previous years, but everything worked for us today. We have had a fantastic indoor season and I don’t know if that motivated them. We also have a lot of young, new players who have never played before but have taken to the game superbly. It really all came together, the girls tried so hard and I am very, very proud of them! They are extremely chuffed with themselves.”
Werda High School’s Grade 11 Jhontae Meintjes received the “Umpire of the Day” award for the region.
Amanzimtoti High School is the fifth team to secure a spot at the Grand Finals that will take place at St Mary’s DSG in Kloof. They join St Anne’s (PMB North Regional), Epworth School (PMB Central Regional), Crawford La Lucia (DBN North Regional) and Durban Girls’ College (DBN Central Regional). The next regional is this weekend with teams converging for the Southern KZN Regional taking place at Creston College.
For more info like the tournament’s Facebook page or follow on Instagram.
1 Amanzimtoti High School, 2 New Forest High School, 3 Kingsway High School, 4 Werda Skool, 5 Kuswag Hoërskool, 6 Queensburgh Girls’ High School, 7 Grosvenor High School, 8 Invitational High School

SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge Northern KZN Regional St Dominic’s Newcastle: Saturday 4 May

SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Northern KZN Regional

St Dominic’s Newcastle: Saturday 4 May


After monumental battle in the regional final, Ferrum High School claimed their eighth Northern KZN Regional title in the SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge that took place at the St Dominic’s Newcastle astro on Saturday 4 May.


They conquered a well disciplined and quietly determined team from Sarel Cilliers High School in a riveting 20minute conclusion to the regional. At the final blast of the whistle, the scoreline remained on nil nil after Ferrum dominated the entire game, challenging the Sarel Cilliers defence from the get go, but were unable to penetrate the solid last line. 


The result of the game moved to a pressure test with three players from each side lining up in an 8 second penalty shootout. With a fond association to the St Dom’s astro and no stranger to a tournament winning penalty shootout, Sarel Cilliers managed to topple Ferrum’s domination two years prior when they managed a resounding win against Pionier, earning the honour as the second school to represent the region.


Each attempt the players were level pegged with the mirror result in each of the penalty attempts in the first round ending drawn on 1 a piece. The game then progressed to a feisty sudden death where the girls endeavours stepped up a notch. After the second complete round, the scoreline moved up to 2 all, with both teams only managing to net 1 goal in their second run at goals.


In the next round of sudden death, Ferrum’s keeper Joleen Mollentze made a brave save charging down a heroic shot, keeping Sarel Cilliers seventh attempt out. Stepping up to take Ferrum’s seventh penalty, Karli Janse van Rensburg decided on a no-nonsense rocket of a shot that blasted beyond Sarel Cillers goal keeper Petra Khanyile’s outstretched right pad, smashing into the box, and winning the tournament for her team. 


In the bronze medal game, hosts, St Dominic’s Newcastle met Dundee High School. In the opening minutes Dundee advanced into St Dom’s circle, with some fine hockey getting the ball inching closer and closer to the goals. As the striker knocked the ball just beyond the keeper’s reach rolling goal-wards, the umpire on the spot was mid-way through awarding a short corner for Dundee, in a game changing decision and denying the goal. 


The well-contested game moved from side to side with neither team able to get the ball in their oppositions goals. St Dom’s had a string of short corners that Dundee defended magnificently, avoiding surge after surge and keeping the score level. As the minutes ticked away, St Dom’s earned yet another short corner that was pushed out to the top of the D, moved right to a lurking Nozipho Mag who, in one touch, slapped the ball across to the waiting Natasha Friend who was hugging the left post. Friend added her magic touch, slipping the ball into the goals with 23 seconds remaining on the clock. 


Recognised for her outstanding efforts with the whistle, Didi Ngwenya from Vryheid High School earned the award of Umpire of the Day. 


Ferrum is the seventh team to guarantee a spot at the Grand Finals that takes place at St Mary’s DSG in Kloof in July. They join nine other teams from around KZN at the two day event. Teams that have secured a place at the Grand Finals are St Anne’s College (PMB North), Epworth (PMB Central), newcomer Crawford La Lucia (DBN North), Durban Girls’ College (DBN Central), Amanzimtoti High School (DBN South) and Kokstad College (Southern KZN).


For more info like the tournament’s Facebook page or follow on Instagram.



1 Ferrum High School, 2 Sarel Cilliers, 3 St Dominic’s Newcastle, 4 Dundee High School, 5= Pionier Hoërskool, 5= Vryheid High School, 7 Newcastle High School, 8 Pongola Akademie 


DANCERS LOVE DOGS- Playhouse Opera  18th May

DANCERS LOVE DOGS- Playhouse Opera  18th May

Dancers Love Dogs, presents an annual performance in Cape Town at the Artscape Theatre, where dancers collaborate to raise funds for mass sterilization of animals in rural areas. This year the initiative comes the Playhouse Opera on Saturday, 18th May at 3pm.

The SA Society for the Advancement of Dance (SASAD) is collaborating with Dancers Love Dogs to put on a showcase of song, dance, comedy as well as dogs performing to raise funds for these mass sterilizations in KZN rural areas. All funds raised through tickets sales are paid directly to vets for the purpose of sterilizations.

In what promises to be a highly entertaining afternoon for a good cause, KZN dance schools and performers have come out to show their support for this very important initiative. Included in the line up are:

Lloyd Bristow (The Incredible Dog Show) from Cape Town with his Border Collie, Born to Shine

Pam Naude (K9 Communications) from Durban working with therapy dogs and obedience work,

Comedian Nabeel Peer,

Ballet performances by KZN Dance Academy and MCD Dance Studio,

Contemporary dance by Springwood Dance Academy and Durban Dance Unlimited,

Tap by Step in Time and Hayman Studios,

Spanish by Minette de Klerk Dance Academy,

Modern by Swish Studio and Just Dance,

Bollywood by Rampage Dance Company,

Belly dancing by Belly Fusion,

Irish dancing by Stow Academy of Irish Dance,

A fusion of acrobatics and ballet by Bella Donna Acrobatics and The Studio,

A fusion of dance by Gail Smith School of Dancing,

Hiphop /pansula fusion by Dance Direction International,

Hiphop by Survivors Dance Crew who were placed 4th in the World of Dance Competition in Los Angelos,

Performances by singers Kiara Theunissen, Savannah Thunder and the OSCA Opera singers,

and Durban Callies Drum Corp and Celtic Heartbeat.

Dancers Love Dogs started off as a small project in 2012 and has grown in leaps and bounds since then. “In February 2012, I noticed a small figure hobbling along the side of the N2 Highway in Cape Town,” explains Brigitte Reeve-Taylor, founder of Dancers Love Dogs. “The little dog was so sick he could hardly walk and I ended up rescuing him and taking him to the vet. I named him Miles and he was my inspiration to start up Dancers Love Dogs.” By March 2019 over 12000 pets have been sterilized through these annual fundraisers. Brigitte and the SASAD are now working on making this an annual event in KZN.

“Many pet lovers live below the breadline. Not everyone can afford sterilizations. Sterilizations are a necessity, not an option,” says Brigitte. “These events make a huge impact on ensuring that there is some intervention in keeping unwanted pet populations down.”


There are prizes to be won and Project Dog, Phoenix Animal Care Treatment (P.A.C.T)  and Jade Ashford will be displaying all the homeless pets looking for forever homes.

This year's show is at the Opera Theatre, Playhouse, Durban, on Saturday 18th May at 3pm. Tickets are R160 and can be purchased through Webtickets or Pick ‘n Pay outlets. The show is about 2 hours 30 minutes long with a 20 minute interval where a dog obedience exhibition will be on display in the foyer outside.

For any further information, please contact Des 082 563 1995 or Noleen 084 427 8591



Note to editors: 

Please direct all media queries to  

Des 082 563 1995 or Noleen 084 427 8591


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FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY presents UNDER THE SAME SKY Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre : 24 – 28 April 2019




Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre : 24 – 28 April 2019


In a remarkable feat of perseverance and beauty, Durban’s Flatfoot Dance Company celebrates its 16th anniversary with a new dance theatre work, Under the Same Sky, at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre  from  24 to 28 April.


With an international touring reputation for excellence and a host of national awards under its belt, Flatfoot’s arrival at this momentous 16th year mark as one of South Africa leading contemporary dance companies, is a testament to a dedicated team of dancers and administrators.


In keeping with its reputation of creating and performing edgy, controversial, beautiful and intelligent dance, Flatfoot dives heart first into the zeitgeist of contemporary South African identity, in Under the Same Sky and “asks us to remember our humanity and the place that art holds in teaching resilience”.


Three new dance works by Sifiso Khumalo, Jabu Siphika and Lliane Loots will premiere in this season.


“These works asks of us to step back to negotiate the humanity within all of us,” says Artistic Director of Flatfoot, Lliane Loots. “We take a look at where we have come from, in order to understand who we are, and who we might become. So we are delving into the heart of South African identity, which is both dream and nightmare; both nostalgia and violence. We have not doubt that these works will leave the audience overawed at the sheer beauty of the power of contemporary dance to tell our real South African stories, as it provokes and challenges through the images created, but it also allows the audience to breathe and be reminded of what makes us human.”


Sifiso Khumalo’s work Ngaphesheya (loosely translated to mean ‘beyond’ or ‘over there’) is a personal journey back to Khumalo’s own childhood in Clermont growing up with the scourge of ‘necklacing’ as a political weapon. In this piece, made from a questioning and very present perspective in 2019, asks where we are going if our history (and where we come from) means nothing. 


Jabu Siphika’s growing feminist voice as a choreographer, opens up in her latest work titled Death of a Dream.  Working from the personal to the political, Siphika has created an evocative duet that looks at disintegrated personal relationships as a metaphor for disinterred political hopes and dreams. Beautifully danced by Siphika herself in partnership with Mthoko Mkhwanazi, Death of a Dream is heartbreaking in its beauty.


Lliane Loots’s unsheltered, ends the programme. Loots’s award-winning style that combines video, spoken word and dance in a ‘total theatre’ experience, finds its artistic legs in her newest work. unsheltered moves Loots and Flatfoot’s quest for humanity into the global domain and starts to “unbuild” the meaning of the walls that are the prevailing political agendas of many first world nations. It asks the audience to journey with the dancers into the heart of difference and what it means to embrace a hurt, damaged and vulnerable humanity. Loots’ dance work has a poetic depth that will provoke and delight audiences.


Dancing in the season are Sifiso Khumalo, Jabu Siphika, Zinhle Nzama, Sbonga Ndlovu, Ndumiso Dube, Siseko Duba, and Mthoko Mkhwanazi. Lighting design is by Wesley Maherry.


Catch Flatfoot Dance Company’s 16th anniversary season Under The Same Sky at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from 24 to 28 April. Shows are at 7.30pm on 24, 25 and 26 April and at 2.30pm on 28 April.  Tickets available through Computicket are R85 and R65 (for scholars, students, pensions and block bookings of 10 or more seats). (There is a special performance for schools at R30 per scholar and teachers come free on 26 April at 10.30am. Bookings for schools only are via


Jade leads TWC out on home turf as they play host to the PMB North Regionals

Meet Jade Brandis, Captain of The Wykeham Collegiate first X1 hockey team.


Thirteen top Pietermaritzburg hockey teams will battle it out for two regional titles in the 9th SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Tournament on Sunday 3 March. The Wykeham Collegiate will host the northern regionals and St John’s D.S.G the central regionals.


The Wykeham Collegiate Host PMB North Regionals DSC_8711.jpg

Jade Brandis, the Wykeham Collegiate’s first team hockey captain, is excited about the team’s upcoming challenge.  The team once held the title in 2012, but were ousted by St. Anne’s the following year, with Saints having dominated this regional.  “But at the end of the day it is all about hockey, how we play and the learnings we take from these tournaments,” she says. “The SPAR tournament is one of our year highlights and is always an enjoyable and exciting event”


Jade is something of a “mean sporting machine”, besides a love for outdoor hockey she also is captain of the first indoor hockey team, and has played provincially for KZN’s U12, U13 and U16 hockey teams, while also finding gaps in her busy diary to cycle and play tennis.


Equally at home in the classroom and on the sports field, Jade has colours for both academics and hockey, and cites completing the gruelling Fish River Canoe Marathon in 2016 and three Midmar Miles as some of her sporting highlights.

Jade enjoys the many leadership roles she plays at school. With two hockey captaincies she is also Head of House, was Head of the Junior Hall, and is Head of the School’s Chamber of Commerce.


Hailing from the farming community of Underberg, Jade says she began playing hockey in Grade one at the local primary school there, and she says that the thing she most enjoys about hockey is “the energy, encouragement and passion within our team.” 


Going out onto the field, is not always about the win she believes, with some wise words coming from her coaches. “They inspire us to be humble in our victories, and find the good in our losses, but in any event many lessons will be learnt during the matches.”


The gutsy twelfth grader, says that her favourite subject is Consumer Studies, as she loves to learn about health and nutrition and then implementing that into great meals. “I am hoping to study Consumer Science when I leave school, and then use that to travel and work.”


When she is not playing one of the myriad sports or pushing ahead with academic commitments, Jade loves to cook, bake, play her guitar, cycle, hike and runs with her dogs.


It seems though the sporting success runs in her family’s veins with her father, Brian, cycling competitively and her sister, Samantha, playing U14 provincial hockey as well as being on the provincial equestrian team.


Jade says that celebrated tennis player Rodger Federer is her all time sporting role model as “I have witnessed his amazingly good sportsmanship from a very young age.”


Heading for the PMB North Regionals, win or lose, Jade shares the words she lives by: “Everything happens for a reason” and “It’s all about confidence.”


The Pietermaritzburg North Regionals, which features TWC, St Anne’s College Voortrekker High, Grace College, Howick High and Treverton, takes place on Sunday 3 March at The Wykeham Collegiate. Fixtures will be published on the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Facebook page.



Caption to photo by Jonathan Burton:

TWC’s 1st Hockey X1 Captain Jade Brandis gets ready for the PMB northern regionals of the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge, hosted by her school on March 3.


Kelsey aims to gently “shake the world”

Kelsey aims to gently “shake the world”

First up in the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge this year is a derby day of hockey on Sunday 3 March, with St John’s D.S.G. hosting the Pietermaritzburg Central Regionals and The Wykeham Collegiate, the PMB Northern Regionals. We chatted to captain of host school St John’s, Kelsey Paige Dellar, a Grade 12 learner who is passionate about life, learning, sport, and in particular hockey.

Leading the team out onto the field for the ninth SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge, determined midfielder, Kelsey Dellar, will be focused on winning back the regional title which they held in 2017, and lost to Epworth in 2018. “I think one of my best memories of playing the SPAR tournament was in the final against Epworth in 2017. We won and I remember our whole team huddling together and celebrating. It was one of my favourite hockey moments and we all bonded as a family.”

The feisty Deputy Head Girl, not only has excelled in academics with honours, but has proved herself a worthy competitor in a number of sporting codes with colours for hockey and half-colours for soccer, as well as first team awards for indoor and field hockey, swimming, water polo, soccer and cross-country.  Her provincial accolades include playing for hockey for KZN U18B, U16B as well as KZN U16 inland soccer. 

Kelsey began her hockey career in Grade four at Pelham Senior Primary School, and says that she most enjoys playing the game because it gives her the “opportunity to be a part of a team and to be completely selfless.”   

The sport, she says, has also given her opportunities to learn some  important life lessons.  “I started off my hockey career by making the U10D team in Grade four,” she laughs. “I thought that I had no potential and I was absolutely terrified of being hit by a hard, round, white ball. The thing that kept me in the game was my friends. They encouraged me to make a higher team to be with them. Eventually, I moved up to B team the next year and finally made first team in Grade six. If it wasn’t for the motivation of my coaches, family and friends; I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

The hockey bug caught her at a young age and has continued throughout her high school career.  “Hockey continues to give such fantastic life lessons,” she says. “Our coach Lyndal Robertson (aka Binks) once said to me that I must never ask a parent or coach where I went wrong, but ask myself the same question. That’s when I was able to flourish as an individual player and not base my performance on other people’s opinions.”

She cites former St John’s captain Charllene Boshoff who matriculated in 2018, as one of her top role models. “Charllene is currently playing hockey in America but played with me last year for the first team.  She constantly inspires me to give of my best and I admire all the hard work and dedication which she puts into hockey. She is definitely a player whom I look up to and one of my closest friends.”

Off the hockey and soccer fields, and out of the pool, Kelsy also enjoys going for runs, doing yoga and reading as well as creating art. 

Clearly one up for a challenge, she says that her favourite subject is Maths as “I love the feeling of solving a problem and the ability to formulate an answer from a tricky equation.” 

And while she is not 100% sure of what she wants to study yet, she is interested in the finance and business world and will probably go on study a BCom degree when she leaves school.

The fun-loving and quietly spoken sports-lover says she aspires to live by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”  

The Pietermaritzburg Central Regionals take place on Sunday, 3 March at St John’s D.S.G. Fixtures will be published on the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Facebook page. 


Caption to photo by Jonathan Burton:

St John’s 1st Hockey X1 Captain Kelsey Dellar looks forward to the PMB Central regionals of the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge, hosted by her school on March 3.

Meet Georgina Baker – Captain of St Anne’s - defending champs of the PMB North Regionals of the SPAR Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Meet Georgina Baker – Captain of St Anne’s - defending champs of the PMB North Regionals of the SPAR Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge


Next Sunday (March 3) 13 Pietermaritzburg hockey teams take to the astroturf in two regional titles in the 9th SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge. 


PMB North Regional champs, St Anne’s DSG will be setting their sights on retaining their title as they battle it out with five other teams at host school The Wykeham Collegiate. Down in the valley the PMB Central Regionals will be hosted by St John’s D.S.G as defending champs, Epworth attempt to hold onto their regional title.


Captain of St Anne’s first hockey X1 Georgina Baker, is eager to lead her team out onto the field as they battle it out with TWC, Grace College, Treverton, Voortrekker and Howick High to retain their regional crown.


The 17 year old Grade 12 learner, has a true passion for sport, holding the prestigious title of “Sportswoman of the Year” at St Anne’s in 2017. Besides a love for outdoor hockey, Georgina also plays indoor hockey, squash and soccer. She currently plays for the KZN U18A hockey team and was also selected for the KZN U18B squash squad but unfortunately was unable to go on tour.


Hailing from the historic midlands town of Nottingham Road, the gutsy centre back started playing hockey in Grade 1 at Clifton Nottingham Road, and says she loves playing hockey as it is a team sport, and she enjoys that team atmosphere of hockey. “But I also enjoy the healthy competition on the pitch,” she laughs.  


Georgina, who is quite at home playing sport or in the classroom, has colours for hockey, squash and academics. She hopes to study business science or occupational therapy when she leaves school, preferably at UCT. “My favourite subject is life science, because I find learning about the human body and evolution, as well as the environment very interesting,” she says.


With the adrenaline pumping as she shoots for goal, or whacks a squash ball, Georgina finds time to quieten down by playing the piano as she says “it takes my mind off things.”


Georgina’s three other siblings all enjoy sport, and she is particularly proud of her brother Murray who played provincial squash, hockey and cricket last year.


She cites Roger Federer as her sporting role model. “I look up to the way he conducts himself both on and off the court,” she says. “He is always humble and grateful in both his wins and defeats, and is always respectful of his opponent.  That is something to truly aspire to.”


In the competitive world of sport, Georgina says that the best bit of inspirational advice she has received from her coach is “Never be complacent and to practice like you play.”


No wonder then, that she lives by the words of her father, "it's all about the mind". 


The Pietermaritzburg North Regionals take place on Sunday 3 March at The Wykeham Collegiate.


For more info, visit the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Facebook page.




SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge - Durban North Regional 9 March 2019

SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Durban North Regional

Crawford La Lucia: Saturday 9 March


The third regional in the 2019 SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge gets rolling on Saturday 9 March at Crawford La Lucia.


Eight teams will gather at this year’s regional, taking to the pitch to participate in 20 minute one way running time with the teams being split up into two pools. A win will earn the team 4 points, a draw with goals 2 points and a goalless draw 1 point and a loss zero points. The cross-pool playoffs are also 20 minutes in duration, starting just before lunchtime.


Leading Pool A, defending champs Our Lady of Fatima hope to retain their regional title. Joining them are Ashton International College, Northlands Girls’ High and Durban North College. Heading up Pool B are hosts Crawford La Lucia with Danville Park Girls’ High, Crawford North Coast and Reddam House uMhlanga. 


Three teams have previously progressed to the Grand Finals representing the Durban North Regional: Fatima have made three appearances, placing fifth in three grand finals, namely in the inaugural year 2011, and then the last two consecutive years. Similar to Fatima, Ashton have also represented the region three times in the years 2013, 2015 and 2016, with their final positions at the Grand Finals being 6th, 7th and 9th while Danville have made it all the way twice in 2012 and 2014 finishing with a 6th and a 9th.


The first team on the turf are the defending champs, Fatima vs Northlands at 07.30 followed by a Crawford derby with hosts La Lucia taking on their North Coast campus.


Head Coach for Our Lady of Fatima, Jacinta Jubb enthused, “This year our team has a fantastic mix of youthful and experienced players. This powerful mix, I'm sure, will be the changing factor for our team. We have been building as a team for 2 years now, and fine-tuning our technical abilities while developing our structural understanding. The Fatima girls always play with such heart, and I feel this year all our hard work will pay off.”


For more info like the tournament’s Facebook page or follow their Instagram account.



 Photo: Rogan Ward:

Keeping their eyes on the ball, captains Megan Coreejes (Our Lady of Fatima – defending champions) and Rachel Wilkinson (Crawford La Lucia – host school) are pictured ahead of the Durban North Regional of the SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge.

Summer Rutherford : Epworth Vice-Captain - Defending champs of PMB Centrals of the SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge

Meet Summer Rutherford : Epworth Vice-Captain


This Sunday (March 3) sees 13 top Pietermaritzburg hockey teams take to the astro in two of the local regionals of the 9th SPAR KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge. The PMB North Regionals will take place at The Wykeham Collegiate and the Centrals take place at St John’s D.S.G.


Summer Rutherford, Vice-Captain of Epworth, the Centrals defending champs, has high hopes for the team as they compete against St John’s D.S.G., Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School, Russell High, Alexandra High, Maritzburg Christian School and Carter High in a day of fun festive, and healthily competitive hockey.


With her eyes set on becoming a sport psychologist, Summer (17), who plays defense, is somewhat of a sports fanatic. Besides holding the honour of being the 2019 Head of Sport at Epworth, she is also in the first teams for indoor hockey, basketball, soccer and water polo – and still finds time to run cross-country. Summer is in the Provincial Midlands Water Polo Team, has half colours for water polo, and has received captains’ awards at school for soccer and water polo. 


The energetic young team player has enjoyed sport for as long as she can remember, having started her hockey career back in Grade one at primary school.  Little wonder she holds one piece of inspirational advice given to her to “play for the little girl inside of you, that fell in love with the game.”


It’s the sense of belonging and working together that truly attracts Summer to hockey. “I love the camaraderie and team spirit that exists in the game of hockey,” she says.


Citing art as her favourite subject, Summer says she loves the “unconventional way of thinking and working” it provokes, qualities she no doubt will use in good stead as she studies sports science at either Stellenbosch or Tukkies when she leaves school.


Away from school sports and academics, Summer, who lives on the North Coast, loves surfing, longboarding and running.


Coming from sporty family – mum Cindy cycles competitively and dad  Quinton is involved in canoeing and surf skiing, Summer says one of her sporting heroes is current SA Field Hockey player, Jethro Eustice because “he is a talented sportsman both in field and indoor hockey yet remains so humble about it”.


Summer played in last year’s Grand Finals at St Mary’s DSG, and remembers well the feeling of winning over the then-current champs St John’s D.S.G. “When we won against them in the regional final, our team all ran to give our fantastic goal-keeper Catia Cocciante a group hug. It was a great feeling ”

 For more information follow on Instagram or Facebook.


Photo: Summer Rutherford, Vice-Captain of Epworth, in action at last year’s PMB North Regionals of the SPAR School Girls’ Hockey Challenge.