Kingsley Holgate Land Rover Expedition Team Heads to Mozambique in Aid of Flood Victims on World Malaria Day (25 April)

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Departing on World Malaria Day (25 April), the Kingsley Holgate Land Rover team is heading to Mozambique on a relief expedition to assist communities living near Gorongosa National Park, who are still suffering the impact of Cyclone Idai, widespread flooding and now a serious and escalating threat of malaria. 

05 Cape Town to Kathmandu Expedition 2018 Ross Holgate & Babu Cossa malaria prevention work with women in Mozambique.jpg


Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mozambique, which has the third highest number of malaria cases anywhere in the world.  A month after Cyclone Idai slammed into Beira and left a swathe of destruction on its path inland towards Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani region leaving vast areas flooded, malaria is on the increase with 9,501 cases reported since 27 March alongside 4,979 cases of cholera.  (Source: UN OCHA) 


The expedition is heading for the Gorongosa region inland from Beira, where over 30,000 people living in low-lying areas near the Buzi River that flows along the Gorongosa National Park boundary were in the direct path of the cyclone and large areas are still under water.  The Park responded by launching its own relief efforts to rescue community members by helicopter and boat, its rangers swopping wildlife for humanitarian work and wading through waist-high waters to reach stranded families.  They have delivered over 30 tonnes of food but the threat of contaminated drinking water and malaria remains extremely high: stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes.


Malaria prevention and water purification support are key elements of all Holgate humanitarian expeditions.  “It started because of personal experiences,” said Kingsley.  “I’ve had malaria more than 50 times, a young man died of malaria in one of our vehicles as we were rushing him to a clinic and it’s unacceptable that a child dies of malaria every two minutes around the clock.  And all of our expedition team know the dangers of water borne diseases – we’ve all suffered from dysentery, which can kill even the toughest man.”


The expedition to Gorongosa will focus on supplying 15 tonnes of life-saving PermaNet mosquito nets, malaria test kits and treatments, and enough water purification units to provide over one million litres of clean drinking water in support of Gorongosa’s efforts.  The expedition convoy will include the two Land Rover Discoverys tried and tested on previous world-first expeditions, including the recent Cape Town to Kathmandu transcontinental journey.


“No one could have predicted that this year’s World Malaria Day would coincide with the aftermath of such an enormous humanitarian disaster,” said expedition leader Ross Holgate.  “Now that roads, bridges and river crossings are becoming passable in the Gorongosa region, we’re determined to do our bit to help our neighbours in need.”


He continued:  “Relief expeditions like this cannot be done without support, and we pay tribute to Land Rover, Rotarians in Southern Africa, Moz-am-bik Restaurants, the Hlokomela Foundation, Coca Cola SABCO Mozambique, Goodbye Malaria, Barrows, LifeStraws and Water Maker who have willingly come on board to support this World Malaria Day expedition.”




For further details and interviews, please contact Sheelagh Antrobus on 082-4327466 or



  • According to the latest World Health Organization report, 219 million cases of malaria were reported during 2017, with 92% occurring in Africa.  435 000 people died from the disease.

  • A child dies every two minutes from malaria; children under 5 accounted for 61% (266 000) of all malaria deaths worldwide in 2017.  Pregnant women are also at high risk.

  • Kingsley Holgate has had malaria more than 50 times.

  • To date, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has distributed over 440 920 mosquito nets in high-risk communities throughout Africa, helping to protect over 1.3 million people from the deadly bite of the female Anopheles mosquito.

  • ]Nearly one in five child deaths – about 1.5 million each year – are due to water borne diseases, especially from cholera, dysentery and diarrhoea.

  • To date, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation has distributed more than 46 000 individual LifeStraw units and family-size units, providing over 63 million litres of clean drinking water to communities most in need.


Whacky Comedian Gino Fabbri is ‘Completely Nuts’ 9 - 13 April

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Whacky Comedian Gino Fabbri Returns to Durban with ‘Completely Nuts’


Laughter abounds and the spotlight falls squarely on ‘crazy’ as comedian/drummer Gino Fabbri returns to Durban with his laugh-a-minute comedy Gino Fabbri is Completely Nuts which has two shows at the Suncoast Barnyard Theatre on 4 and 6 April before moving to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from 9 to 14 April. 


Versatile, and outrageously hilarious funny-man, Fabbri was last seen in the madcap show ‘Common and Class’  at the Sneddon alongside celebrated musical theatre performer Ian Von Memerty. Going solo in “Completely Nuts” Gino describes the show as “a welcome anti-dote to deep thinking,” as he performs in the guise of many very diverse, over-the-top characters, each with their own set of life-views, observations and opinions.”


Each “character” delivers a belly-load of rapid-fire one-liner laugh lines that offers a view of  life from vastly different and highly amusing perspectives. 


‘Sanity’ is not a word very often associated with Fabbri – or more specifically, with the hair-brained completely crazy characters that he portrays: from a self-deceiving Latin Lover and  an over-zealous, hip thrusting excessively rule-bound traffic cop, to a talentless pop-idol wannabe with parental and self-esteem issues, and a wheeler-dealer businessman who battles to prevent his inner monologue from spilling out to an entertainer extraordinaire who is a lot less extraordinary than he thinks. 


The multi-talented Fabbri, who is also a renowned SA drummer, includes three show-stopping finales in the show, taking his audience on a musical journey through the evolution of the most recognizable rock drum fills before turning classical music on its head like never seen before.


Fabbri’s characters share an inability to accurately perceive exactly what is going on around them, all the while trying to compensate for their short-comings. In doing so, hilarious consequences ensue as Fabbri moves from naughty stand-up comedian to quirky singer. 


The Eastern Cape-based Fabbri has become a popular fixture on the national corporate entertainment stage, where is seen regularly appearing in the guise of his various characters as  musical comedy MC.


Fabbri, who is co-owner of the production company Centrestage, which has staged a number of hit shows in Durban over the years says, “I invite Durban audiences to get committed - come walk the tightrope between sanity and madness and find out for yourself if I am indeed “nuttier than a pile of squirrel droppings”, in the full knowledge that one thing will always be certain, you’ll be none the wiser after seeing this show!”


“It isn’t everyday that we get to have a really good ol’ belly laugh at ourselves and who better than the hilarious Gino Fabbri to share with us exactly how quirky we all are,”  says Louise Howell, Suncoast Marketing Manager.

The show is at Sneddon Theatre from April 9 to 14 and tickets are available through Computicket



I Heart Market Saturday, 6 April : 9am - 2pm

I Heart Market

Saturday, 6 April : 9am - 2pm

Moses Mabhida Stadium lawns

The iconic Durban I Heart Market takes place this month on Saturday, 6 April from 9am to 2pm on the breezy lawns of the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.


The market, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, is focused on providing a selection of carefully curated locally made goods, with artisan food, crafted apparel and everything in between for the whole family.  


“The market’s philosophy is all about the creative process of “making”,” explains owner and manager of the I Heart Market, Anna Savage. “It has become a place where people who have side projects going on and who want to take it further, or those who simply love to create, have opportunities to test out their products in a safe and honouring environment, where like-minded people come to shop and share.”


“We live in a society of relentless consumption, where the possessions we’ve had for a few months tend to outnumber those we’ve had for a few years,” says Anna. “It’s often cheaper to replace something than it is to fix it so we keep on buying inferior items. Products at the I heart Market are carefully designed with attention to detail, resulting in quality products that will live through your most ruthless spring clean or Marie Kondo declutter, as well as the test of time.”


Anna says that there are so many stories to tell about the experiences of some of the “I heart makers”. “For example when her house started filling up with pottery, Gwyneth Gosling decided to see if anyone would buy some so she started Beachcomber Pots which now enjoys great support at the market and beyond.”


Nikhil Tricam started leatherwork as a hobby and would post pictures of his work on social media. With a positive response and a surge in orders, he took on an assistant. After a short while, he says that his small business, NT Leather Studio was sustaining his assistant’s family and this gave him the drive to keep growing.


“There is a lot to be said about shopping local and supporting entrepreneurs,” says Anna. “Shopping like this means no more soulless transactions with dead-eyed sales assistants.  When you’re shopping local, you can meet the person who makes the things you love. You can ask them all the questions and if you have any feedback, no more braving the call centre, they can hear it firsthand. Many traders develop new products or change existing ones based on what you are saying. And that’s pretty cool, we think!”


For more information about the I Heart Market go to



Phase 1 of the Action in Autism Skills Transference Centre Gets off the Ground

Media Release

Phase 1 of the Action in Autism Skills Transference Centre Gets off the Ground

Action in Autism, the Durban-based organisation that strives to improve the quality of life for autistic people and their care-givers, has embarked on the next phase of its exciting journey - the development of a Skills Transference Workspace that will lead to small and micro-enterprise businesses to sustain and upskill people with neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism.


Generous humanitarian and funder of the project, Dr Adam Mahomed, joined the Action in Autism team and the children of the Early Intervention Centre to wish the project well as modifications on existing buildings began on the new Skills Transference and Business Hub for autistic adults.


Most people with autism are confined to home once they leave school, and the vast majority are unable to access employment. In addition, these scarce employment opportunities have only been available to those who have low support needs. The Action in Autism Skills Transference Centre will include all people on the spectrum. The workspace is being modified specifically for autistic people with self-regulatory and downtime spaces, a craft area, sewing room, storeroom and a training workshop. The programme will include supervised work schedules, skills assessment and support, and expert facilitators in specialised fields to provide skills development.


The project will include on-site training and micro enterprises in the fields of food gardening and indigenous plant propagation, catering, and art and craft industries, in which the participants will have shared ownership and be skilled in the administration and management of these micro businesses. The programme will provide on-site skills development at the Skills Transference Centre, and work integrated learning within companies or government agencies, resulting in an important entry point into the labour market for autistic adults. 


Dr Mahomed is sponsoring the first phase of the new Skills Transference workspace in the memory of his late wife and daughters. “It has become important to me to question the value of life beyond the surface of cars and houses and such things,” Dr Adam commented in his speech. “It is important to question what a life means, and what difference we have made in the lives of others.”


Action in Autism does not currently receive any funding from government. If you would like to support the organization through cash, kind or through partnership, we would be most thankful. For more information about Action in Autism and the support to parents and families provided by the organisation, please call 031 207 4858 or email




Further information:

Kirsten Miller


031 563 3039/084 207 8167



Durban movie - Deep End – opens in cinemas across the country March 15


Deep End – opens in cinemas across the country March 15


Deep End, a film by award-winning Durban-based director Eubulus Timothy and produced by Arclight Productions, which premiered last year at the Durban International Film Festival, opens in cinemas across the country on 15 March.


This coming of age romantic drama features an impressive lineup of South African talent which includes Carishma Basday (31 Million Reasons, Material) in the lead as Sunitha, Greg Kriek as Cory (Born to Win (Netflix) ‘n Man Soos My Pa, Last Ones Out, Tula Tula and The Recce) Suraya Rose-Santos as Nina (Free State, Last Broken Darkness) with a guest appearance of South African surfing legend Spider Murphy as himself.


Set on the intoxicating shorelines of Durban’s “Golden Mile” beaches, Deep End brings one of the world’s most popular surfing sites to glorious life.  The film is inspired by Eubulus Timothy's childhood in apartheid Durban. He had spent years developing the story and finally brings it to the screen with the support of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, the Department of Trade and Industry, and an extraordinary cast and crew.


Starring Carishma Basday, as the young woman, best known for her role in the film Material, and Greg Kriek, a experienced actor with more than 40 roles to his name, Deep End is the story of a young woman who overcomes family pressure and societal racism to pursue her passion that is not culturally acceptable. She is helped along by an unlikely champion surfer (Kriek) who is trying to escape his drug addiction and his own family demons. Being the apple of her father’s eye, the conflict almost destroys the very foundation of their once strong bond, unmasking pain of his forgotten past.


“I was born in Durban and am of Indian origin. My great grandfather came to South Africa as indenture labourer to work on sugar cane farms,” explains Director Eubulus Timothy, who is known for the feature film Othello as well as television shows such as Bridging The Gap and Cape Night Live. “The Indians of Durban had no real contact with India for decades, because of apartheid and so we have created a culture that is very unique. Our lives were a dichotomy of old east and an evolving west. Deep End is based on my experiences and that of my friends.  It’s a story of family tension, love, passion and friendship set around one young woman’s interest in the thrill of surfing.”


“We are really thrilled that the film is being released in South Africa by Videovision Entertainment in 26 cinemas around the country on March 15,” says producer Jacintha de Nobrega of Arclight Productions. “This is a local story, which has universal appeal, it’s a warm romantic story, and one that cuts across the generations.”



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African Insight Launches New Operation on Pongola Game Reserve, KZN, South Africa

African Insight Launches New Operation on Pongola Game Reserve, KZN, South Africa

African Insight, one of the continent’s leading  providers of inspirational, educational and empowering conservation programmes has announced that it has extended its site offerings for groups to the White Elephant Lodge on Pongola Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

African Insight has been providing academic field trips and youth development programmes to universities, colleges and schools for over 20 years.  Destinations include Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon, KZN Drakensberg Mountains and Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park.

“In 2013 we were contracted to train 16 community members in hospitality and through this process were able to further develop our  unique brand of academic tourism on the community-owned Somkhanda Game Reserve in the Zululand region in KwaZulu-Natal,” explains Andrew Anderson, MD of Africa Insight.  

Anderson explains that “this led to the establishment of the African Insight Academy on Somkhanda with the vision to Inspire, Educate and Empower future global environmental custodians locally and abroad.  The facilities developed on Somkhanda include two safari style tented student camps that can accommodate 20 and 30 students respectively and a rustic “sleep out” camp.”

At the end of October 2018, the contract expired, and the hospitality side of the operation was handed back to Somkhanda’s management company.  African Insight Academy continues to operate on Somkhanda as a venue for its highly successful academic and youth development programmes whilst looking for new venues to accommodate the growing demand.

“The market for additional capacity to accommodate groups led us to talks with the owners of Pongola Game Reserve’s White Elephant operation, who loved the idea and they have now established  a new 30 bed facility for groups which was launched in January 2019,” says Anderson.

“Our African Insight Academy on Somkhanda and now on Pongola provides practical field experience in wildlife behaviour and management exposing students to a variety of research, monitoring and conservation programmes and community engagement.”

“Conservation and wildlife tourism that does not embrace the surrounding local community is unsustainable,” continues Anderson. “It is because of this that we have been actively involved in building sustainable socio-economic bridges between Somkhanda and the community resulting in the established of several programmes, such as cattle dipping, early childhood development and authentic homestays.  These programmes provide real support to the community whilst offering students an educational insight into contemporary traditional cultural and social-political issues. These same principles will be applied in the development of the site at Pongola.”

“We have had a phenomenal response over the years to these programmes, which has led to the need for more sites,” says Anderson. “And of course, there is nothing quite like an authentic African bush experience to capture the hearts and minds of our future conservationists, scientists and the like.”

The University of Roehampton in the UK has had a decade long partnership with African Insight Academy: with the two institutions working together to deliver the module Conservation. People, and Wildlife: South Africa Field Course to final year undergraduate students of anthropology, biology and zoology.  Prof Garry Marvin, Professor of Anthropology at the University, has seen the positive impact these trips have had on them and the university, saying “the close engagement that our students, through the field trips, have with the complex issues of conservation in situ, offers a rich educational experience beyond that which they would have from only reading the academic literature on conservation.”

Dr Heinz Kohrs, owner of White Elephant Lodge is excited to partner with the African Insight Academy on Pongola Game Reserve and looks forward to “being part of this important initiative that is having a positive impact on the next generation of global citizens and environmental custodians”.

For more information about the bespoke educational, development and academic programmes created by African Insight Academy , contact or go to





Media enquiries:

Andrew Anderson

MD African Insight Academy







Action in Autism’s Year End Social 

Media Release

Action in Autism’s Year End Social 

Action in Autism invites all who are interested to celebrate the end of a successful year at their annual Year End Social on Saturday 1 December from 10am to 2pm at the Centre’s grounds at 105 Haig Road, Parkhill, Durban North. Autistic people, their families and supporters are welcome to join in, relax and enjoy a day of fun and games, a jumping castle, bubble machine, face painting and goodie bags for the little ones. The event costs R50 per family, and those who cannot afford it are sponsored by the organisation.


Action in Autism, in operation since 2005, provides free support, advice, research and information to autistic people and their families. The Centre, situated on land donated by the Department of Public Works (KZN), houses its flagship project, an early intervention and therapy programme for autistic children aged between 2 and 6 years. A free monthly diagnostic clinic is offered to families with no access to medical aid, and Action in Autism runs bi-annual training workshops, hosted by a team of professionals, that aim to share information and transfer skills and techniques for communication to parents and professionals.


Action in Autism does not discriminate against any child for reasons of socio-economic status or other criteria relating to financial status or residency location, and the organisation is therefore able to assist and make a meaning full impact in the lives of children from dire living conditions and disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise have access to any services or interventions. Currently, funding is sought for eleven children whose families are unable to afford the school fees. Action in Autism is committed to providing a highly effective intervention service for these children, and to supporting and empowering the families over the long-term in order to make a significant impact on the well-being of the family and caregivers of each child over a sustained period of time.


The organisation’s next planned project is the development of a skills transference workspace and small and micro enterprise businesses that skill and sustain people with neurobiological conditions and autism.  According the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research, there are approximately four million people in South Africa with disabilities, and six hundred and fifty million world-wide – around 10% of the world’s population. Although both legislation and the National Skills Development Strategy promote the employment of disabilities in South Africa, there is still much work to be done.


Action in Autism does not receive any funding from government, and welcomes support through cash or kind, or through volunteering.  If you would like to attend the Year-end Social, to make a donation or support a child, or for more information about the services offered by the organisation, please call 031 563 3039, email, or visit the website at



Flatfoot Dance Company presents “N’gila” (I am here) - an integrated dance performance with dancers with Down Syndrome.

Media Release

Flatfoot Dance Company presents “N’gila” (I am here) - an integrated dance performance with dancers with Down Syndrome.


Flatfoot Dance Company is proud to present its second annual integrated dance programme working with dancers with Down Syndrome. “N’gila/I am here” is choreography by Lliane Loots in collaboration with the eight dancers from Flatfoot Dance Company and the fondly referred to Flatfoot Downie Dance Company at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on Tuesday 20 November at 6.30pm.


This landmark once-off performance will feature the unique partnering of the professional Flatfoot dancers with their Downie Dance Company members. This unique dance programme is unprecedented in South Africa and is a celebration of the power of dance to shift lives and to negotiate difference and inclusivity. Flatfoot celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and has - as one of its core values - the practice of dance (in education and in performance) as a tool towards what it calls “living democracy”. This dance programme celebrates community across the divides of race, gender and disability.


The programme began in August 2017 with the visit of Dutch choreographer Adriaan Luteijn of Introdans and his collaboration with Flatfoot. The company has continued this work over 2018 and this performance is the culmination of this year-long programme.


 “N’gila/I am here” will not only move and delight audiences but will challenge the very core foundations of who we think can and should dance professionally. Four Flatfoot dancers (Sifiso Khumalo, Qhawe Ndimande, Jabu Siphika and Zinhle Nzama) partner up with their counterparts, Karl Hebbelman, Charles Phillips, Kevin Govender and Michaela Munro in a dance explosion that is an affirmation of faith, courage and the joy of dance.


Flatfoot’s award-winning choreographer, Lliane Loots says, “Creating this work has been a journey into discovering community and into discovering what it means to engage a firm and loving assertion of self and identity. All nine of us in the rehearsal room have been forced to look inward and to see that space between who we think we are and who we want to be, and I have been humbled every day by what these eight dancers bring to making dance.' 


As a special offering the five Flatfoot Junior Company members will also perform “Sesfikile!” as the curtain-raiser at this performance. This work won critical acclaim at the 2018 JOMBA! Fringe.


This looks to be one of the highlights on Durban’s dance calendar and this one-off performances is being offed as a fundraiser to help support the Flatfoot Down Syndrome Dance programme for 2019. Tickets are limited and are R80 each. To pre-book tickets contact: Pre-booked tickets can be collected at the Sneddon box office from 1 hr before the start of show on Tuesday, 20 November. Patrons should note that there are no card facilities are available at the venue.



 Captions to all photos by Val Adamson:

Four FLATFOOT dancers (Sifiso Khumalo, Qhawe Ndimande, Jabu Siphika and Zinhle Nzama) partner up with their counterparts, Karl Hebbelman, Charles Phillips, Kevin Govender and Michaela Munro in a dance explosion that is an affirmation of faith, courage and the joy of dance. Pictured here are the dancers in their performance of ‘cardiac output” at last year’s JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience.

Winners of the Poetry Africa Festival Schools’ Competition Announced

Media Release

Winners of the Poetry Africa Festival Schools’ Competition Announced


The six winners of the Poetry Africa Festival’s schools’ competition were announced last night (October 16) at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre

 The festival has an annual schools’ competition that calls for local young poets to submit their work in English or IsiZulu.

The winners in the English category were, in first place Kelsey Hagerman from Danville Park Girl’s High for her poem titled The Boy with Ocean Eyes; in second place, Sunaina Sathyapal from Danville Park Girl’s high for her poem titled Ocean of Tears and in third place Tariq Trenor from Bechet High School for his poem titled The Paralysed Dove.

In first place in the isiZulu category was Lindelwa Khumalo from Escourt High School for her poem titled Mina Ngagana Ngimncane Ngakhala Ubaba Wavuma, in second place Bongumenzi Thwala from Zandlazethu high School for his poem titled Amaciko and in third place Sihle Gumede from Inhlakanipho High School for his poem titled Mfundo Uyisikhali Sababekezelayo,

Celebrating its 22nd anniversary, the festival, which is supported through principal funding from the eThekwini Municipality, features a host of local and international poets, at various venues and schools around Durban.

The main festival programme runs at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre until Friday (October 19) and will close with the Festival Finale at the BAT Centre on Saturday, October 20 from 19:00.

For more information follow Poetry Africa across all social media platforms.



Caption: Seen at the Schools Poetry Competition Awards that took place at the 22nd Poetry Africa Festival at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on Tuesday, October 15 from left to right were 1st place winner in the English category Kelsey Hagerman from Danville Park Girl’s High, 2nd place winner in the English category Sunaina Sathyapal from Danville Park Girl’s High, 3rd place winner in the English category Tariq Trenor from Bechet High School, 3rd place winner in the Zulu category Sihle Gumede from Inhlakanipho High School, 2nd place winner in the Zulu category Bongumenzi Thwala from Zandlazethu high School, 1st place winner in the Zulu category Lindelwa Khumalo from Escourt High School and Ukrainian poet Taras Malkovych.

Nolwazi Magwaza

Memeza Communications

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Poetry Africa Festival Finale – Saturday, October 20

Poetry Africa Festival Finale – Saturday, October 20



The 22nd Poetry Africa Festival, which is currently running at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at UKZN, with workshops at various venues, will have its ever-popular final event at the BAT Centre with a workshop, book launch event, the Grand Slam Competition and Festival Finale on Saturday, October 20.


Saturday’s feast of poetry begins with a Creative Writing workshop with Mphutlane wa Bofelo from 10am to 11am, with a number of book launches from 9am to 12 noon hosted by Khwezi Becker. That afternoon the popular Open Mic session hosted by Nolulamo Maquthu takes place from 1pm to 3pm with the much-loved and highly energised Durban Slam Competition taking place from 4pm to 5.30pm hosted by Durban poet Page Ngwenya. All these events are free and open to the public.


The day culminates in a celebration of poetry at 7pm as all the featured poets from the festival take to the stage in what is always a festive experience for participants and audiences alike. The finale is hosted by Quaz Roodt, and features the 21 participants in the festival from around the globe including Miriam Cano (Spain), Upile Chisala (Malawi), TJ Dema (Botswana), Tanya Evanson (Canada), Myroslav Laiuk and Taras Malkovych (Ukraine), Phelelani Makhanya, Vuyelwa Maluleke, Mak Manaka, Lebo Mashile, Nkateko Masinga, BM Mdletshe, Gcina Mhlophe, Sandile Ngidi, Mphutlane Wa Bofelo, Matete Motsoaledi and Emmah Mabye (South Africa), Philip Meersman (Belgium), Daniel B. Summerhill (USA), Rafeef Zaidah (Palestine) and Séverine Daucourt-Fridriksson (France)


And to wrap it all up, electic soul band The Muffinz closes off the evening with a party until late.


Tickets for the Festival Finale are R120 at the door. All the other events on that day are free.


For more information and the full festival programme go to




Nolwazi Magwaza

Memeza Communications

Mobile: +27 (0) 76 638 3546

Tel: +27 (0) 31 811 5628



Kingsley Holgate Foundation - Youth Messages of Hope - World Rhino Day - 22 September

Africa & Beyond – the next world-first Kingsley Holgate Expedition



Well known explorer Kingsley Holgate’s latest expedition ‘Cape Town to Kathmandu’ has a special rhino conservation focus and is carrying messages of solidarity against rhino poaching from South African youth to Chitwan National Park in Nepal. 

In a first-ever youth-focussed rhino conservation activation between the two countries, the expedition team will return to South Africa with reciprocal messages of support from Nepalese children.


Like Africa, Asia’s rhino populations have also been decimated by poaching, driven mainly by demand for rhino horn from China and Vietnam.  Today, less than 2,000 greater one-horned rhinos remain in the wild, with only two populations containing more than 100 rhinos: Kaziranga National Park in India and Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

“Chitwan National Park, despite being on the border with China, is a rhino conservation success story,” said Kingsley.  “Tens of thousands of greater one-horned rhinoceros once roamed throughout South East Asia, but the population was reduced by poaching and human population explosion to only a few surviving pockets.

“Nepal’s population reached a low of just 100 rhino in the 1960s but today, Chitwan is home to a growing population of 600 greater one-horned rhino, thanks to political will, support from the King of Nepal and commitment from neighbouring communities.”

Holgate is a keen conservationist and founder of the award-winning Rhino Art youth education campaign, which in partnership with Project Rhino, has now reached over 500,000 school children throughout South Africa and abroad in the past five years.  Its premise is simple yet effective: using art as the medium, children living in communities bordering game reserves receive a fun-filled, rhino conservation lesson and are encouraged to create their own Rhino Art messages.  The programme also assists game reserves to build good relations with their neighbouring communities and generates awareness of the real threat rhino poaching poses to tourism and rural job creation.

Using a specially-designed Rhino Art template that contains both the South African and Nepalese flags and images of both African and Asian rhino species, the Cape Town to Kathmandu expedition visited schools in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, conducting educational Rhino Art events and soccer matches. 

“We were amazed at the response,” said well-known conservationist Sheelagh Antrobus, who heads up the expedition’s community conservation work.  “The children not only created amazing rhino-themed art pieces but also wrote heartfelt messages of solidarity to their counterparts in Nepal.”

Hundreds of Rhino Art messages from South African children are now stored in the expedition’s three Land Rovers and are en route to Nepal.  These will be handed over to Nepalese conservation officials and children living in communities bordering Chitwan National Park, before Kingsley and the team head to Kathmandu for the expedition’s finale in mid-December. 




For further details contact:

Sheelagh Antrobus email

Proclamation 73 Exhibition – Call for Collaboration

 Caption to photo: "The late Joyce Thomas (left) standing with her father, Bernard Fynn, who was also her dance partner. The couple on the right are unknown. • The image was taken at a dance competition at the YMCA in Beatrice st, Durban, in the 1970s • photo courtesy of Lorin Sookool"

Media Release

Proclamation 73 Exhibition – Call for Collaboration

The curators of an exhibition titled Proclamation 73, which explores the family archives of people racialized as Coloured and Indian in Durban under the Group Areas Act, are calling for people to collaborate with them.

Proclamation 73 is a not-for-profit project conceived by Zara Julius and Chandra Frank in partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa as part of the Goethe-Institut Project Space (GPS) and eThekwini History Museums. It is scheduled to be exhibited at the Durban Art Gallery from 10 December, 2018 to 15 February 2019.  


“This exhibition takes family histories as an entry point into the creation of both an exhibition and a visual online archive,” explain Julius and Frank. “In bringing together a large collection of family photos of everyday lived experiences, Proclamation 73 portrays narratives on the meaning of loss, kinship and home. Proclamation 73 investigates and challenges how different racial histories and segregation operate within the city of Durban. The growing collection includes photos of weddings, beach days, ballroom dances, debutant balls, dance contests, street portraits, school pictures and other snapshots. The exhibition will cover a large time period, from the late 1860s until the very early 2000s, and therefore offers insight into different historical frameworks and fragmented histories and narratives.”


“This is an interactive non-profit project and we are calling on support to help develop an archival collection of the family album in Durban. We are hoping to grow this body of untold stories, and help document everyday memories and histories."


The curators are looking for families who were based in Durban between 1860s and 2000 press, and / or who were racialised as “coloured” or “Indian” during apartheid and or were relocated/forcibly removed to Sydenham, Greenwood Park, Chatsworth, Wentworth, Phoenix, Newlands East, Newlands West, Overport etc.


“We would like to ask people to submit photographs from their personal family albums that document their homes, family/friend gatherings, community, social events, school events, etc that date any time before 2000. We are also interested in receiving copies of written letters or any such archival objects that you feel are of particular interest.”


No original material will be kept by the curators.  Submissions are requested to be done by 22 October 2018.


Anyone wanting to contribute or collaborate can contact Zara on  or email her with high res scans and descriptions of photos, or photos and information can be submitted directly onto the Proclamation 73 website:



Vuyani Dance Company’s Thulisile Binda receives Pick of the JOMBA! Fringe Award

Media Release

Vuyani Dance Company’s Thulisile Binda

receives Pick of the JOMBA! Fringe Award


On Saturday night (1 September), Durban born and bred, and Johannesburg-based dance-maker Thulisile Binda from the Vuyani Dance Company received the Pick of the Fringe award for her work Ithemba at this year'sJOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience Fringe event at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.


Thulisile received the prestigious acknowledgement from a committee comprising 2018 Standard Bank Young Artist for Dance and well-known South African dance-maker Musa Hlatshwayo, veteran dance writer and critic Adrienne Sichel and US-based art critic and writer Lauren Warnecke from the Chicago Times.


The award provides Thulisile with the supported opportunity to present a new work on the JOMBA! on the Edge at next year’s JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience.


Ithemba, is strikingly original a solo dance work and a very profoundly personal piece choreographed and danced by Thulisile Binda, which examines losses experienced, and how these become deep scars that come back to haunt.


“I would love to thank the festival for giving me the platform and opportunity to perform my solo," says a delighted Thulisile. “I would also like to thank the festival for recognising my work and I am grateful for the amazing opportunities that come with it.”


“We are thrilled so see such an array of strong work coming into the Fringe,” says Artistic Director of JOMBA, Lliane Loots. “Thulisile’s piece was extraordinarily personal yet echoing the very pertinent issues felt in South Africa today, and especially from a women’s perspective. We look forward to welcoming her back to JOMBA in 2019.”



JOMBA! Honours Durban Dance-maker, Mduduzi Mtshali with the Eric Shabalala Dance Champion Award

Media Release

JOMBA! Honours Durban Dance-maker, Mduduzi Mtshali with the Eric Shabalala Dance Champion Award


Last night (5 September) local dance–maker Mduduzi Mtshali received the prestigious JOMBA! Eric Shabalala Dance Champion Award at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at the 20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts.


Now in its 8th year, the award honours the memory of Eric Mshengu Shabalala who tragically passed away in 2011. Eric was a local dancer, choreographer, teacher and one of the founding dancers of the Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre in Durban. In a fitting tribute, the Centre for Creative Arts and the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience Dance Festival has set up this annual award to honour some of KwaZulu-Natal’s stalwart dancers and dance teachers in his name.


Speaking at the award handover, Artistic Director of JOMBA! Lliane Loots said. “The award is given not only in recognition of performance or choreographic excellence, but also more profoundly and more importantly it is given in recognition of dance practitioners who have worked tirelessly to help grow a culture of dance and dance training in Durban – who have supported the growth of dance as an art form at both community and regional level.” 


“In selecting recipients, the JOMBA! committee look for those gifted individuals who have gone above and beyond – often without funding – to dedicate themselves to the cultural industry and to put KZN dancers and dance on the national and international map.”


Past recipients of this award include Jarryd Watson, Sifiso Khumalo, Byron ‘Bizzo’ Tifflin and Preston ‘Kayzo’ Kyd, Jabu Siphika, Julia Wilson and Zinhle Nzama, Ntombi Gasa, Musa Hlatshwayo and  S’fiso Magesh Ngcobo.


Mdu Mtshali is a Durban dancer, choreographer and is currently the dance lecturer at the Durban University of Technology.  In 1999, after completing his training at the then-Technikon Natal, he appeared with local dance companies before broadening his horizons by accepting an invitation to dance with the French dance company -Jean Francois Duroure and travelled all over Europe and the African continent. 


In 2002, he also spent a year at the London Contemporary Dance School in the UK after being awarded a Rio Tinto/ Richards Bay Minerals/ British Council Dance Scholarship. After graduating, he became highly active in the national dance arena performing and choreographing numerous works.


“While he is still an active choreographer and dance maker, we honour him tonight not only for his dance-making career but more especially for a long and illustrious career of over 10 years as a dance teacher and dance educator who has tirelessly given time, energy and space to train and nurture new generations of Durban dancers,” said Loots.


“In accepting this award, I will give back what Lliane Loots and the dance community in Durban has given to me, thank you,” said Mdu Mtshali.  “I enjoy making theatre that serves a greater social function as well as entertain. Credit must go to Eric Shabalala, the man who groomed me to be what I am today.”


Eric Shabalala would be proud of Mdu. In an article in Artsmart in 2003 about Mdu having won the scholarship to study in UK, Shabalala said, “Mdu started in my Stepping Into Dance classes at the Playhouse in 1995. I am very proud of him, he’s doing tremendous work. His skills have developed a lot and he never stops wanting to learn. He’s very disciplined, honest and reliable and is fully committed and focused. He respects his work.”


JOMBA! continues until Sunday September 9 at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre with one performance on September 7 at the Durban Art Gallery.

Book Launch - Body Politics: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance by Adrienne. C. Sichel

Book Launch: Durban & Johannesburg

Body Politics: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance by Adrienne. C. Sichel


The Ar(t)chive, South Africa’s award-winning theatre dance and physical performance archive, launches a ground-breaking new publication: Body Politics: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance by pioneering veteran dance writer Adrienne Sichel at this year’s 20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience in Durban on 4 September, and at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg on 29 September.


Sichel has over the past 40 years, painstakingly documented in her journalistic writing, and critiques the changing landscape of contemporary dance in South Africa pre and post democracy. Her contribution to the dance industry has earned her the respect of both the national and international dance community.


Body Politics: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance is a blend of Sichel’s journalistic writing and experience combined with a vast collection of research material on the evolution of contemporary dance in South Africa. This fingerprinting exercise connects some of the dots of how a very valuable, even unique, heritage, has taken shape.


Featured in this one of a kind book are artists, companies and festivals which include early pioneers and contemporary players such as: Sylvia Glasser, Tossie van Tonder, Carly Dibakoane, Robyn Orlin, Alfred Hinkel, Jay Pather, Debbie Rakusin, Jackie Mbuyiselwa Semela, Jayespri Moopen, Boyzie Ntsikelelo Cekwana, Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe, Gregory Maqoma, Lliane Loots, Nelisiwe Xaba, PJ Sabbagha, Jeannette Ginslov, Dada Masilo, Mamela Nyamza, Fana Tshabalala, Jazzart Dance Theatre, Moving into Dance Mophatong, The First Physical Theatre Company, The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, Flatfoot Dance Company, Via Katlehong Pantsulas, Dance Umbrella, JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience and The Baxter Dance Festival.


Body Politics: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance was originally edited by Tammy Ballantyne and Clare Craighead.


The Ar(t)chive in partnership with the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience (KZN) and The Market Theatre (JHB), respectively, presents two launch events for the book.


The regional launch takes place at JOMBA! on Tuesday, 4 September at 5.30pm at The Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre Foyer (University of KwaZulu-Natal), and is a free event.


The National Launch takes place at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg on Saturday, 29 September at 3:30 for 4pm. This is also a free event . Space is limited and booking is essential by 14 September to


Books will be on sale at both events and cost R400.

The publication was made possible through the generous support of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), RMB, Porcupine Press and Ian Hamilton.

JOMBA! runs from 28 August to 9 September at various venues in Durban. For more information like on Facebook (JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience) and follow on Twitter (Twitter@Jomba_dance).

JOMBA! on the Edge - 4 Sept - Sneddon


20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience


The annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts showcases a feast of dance from August 28 to September 9 at various venues around the City.


One of the features of the festival, which celebrates it 20th anniversary, is JOMBA! ON THE EDGE, which aims to encourage young dance-makers to create new work and to draw new creative young audiences into the festival.


Three young professional local dance-makers were awarded grants to premier new work on this platform on Tuesday 4 September @ 7.30pm at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. 


A major talent on the local dance landscape and winner of the  2017  ‘JOMBA! Pick of the Fringe’ award,  JC Zondi opens this programme with “Classi_filed” - a physical theatre piece that depicts the role clothing plays in our lives. Zondi’s unique style of contact improvising and lyrical choreography is intensified in this work.


The gutsy Kristi-Leigh Gresse, having just received a gold Fringe Ovations Award at the 2018 National Arts Festival for her work “Sullied”, offers her newest creations “Blank”. In this work she follows her interrogations of the role of women in society. Her strong technical prowess as a dancer is situated against stark and dangerous subject matter that is making the dance community in South Africa sit up and notice. 


Finally, Tshediso Kabulu who has opted to share this grant with fellow dancer Thami Majela in a joint creation called “IMVELO”. Imvelo is a Zulu word that translates to mean origin and/or tradition. This work is a gentle and often intimate look at human relationships that journeys back to origins and beginnings. It question societal ‘truths’ that often get in the way of love and tenderness. 


Of special note is that all three of these choreographers have collaborated with JOMBA!’s visiting Chicago (USA) lighting designer Julie Ballard  who has shared her technical skills with these 3 emerging choreographers in bringing their work to the stage.  


Like on Facebook (JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience) and follow on Twitter and Instagram (Jomba_dance).




Fabulous Fringe Events at JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience.



Fabulous Fringe Events at JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience.


The JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts, UKZN,  celebrates its 20th edition, offering its audiences a variety of dance in which to indulge over the 13 day event taking place from 28 August to 9 September.


This year, besides a packed programme of dance on the main festival,  six new short works are featured on the Fringe which takes place on Saturday, September 1 at 7.30pm at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre.


“This open performance platform provides an opportunity for choreographers (some new to choreography and some professional dancers and dance makers) to present their work in a professional theatre environment with the support of a full technical team,” says Artistic Director of JOMBA! Lliane Loots. “This is one of the ways in which the JOMBA! festival offers assistance in developing dance and choreographic talent, by offering open professional performance spaces.”


Works to be presented this year include Mbontsi and Alice Findlay – Pietermaritzburg (KZN), Flatfoot Dance Company (Junior Company: Sbonga Ndlovu, Ndumiso Dube, Siseko Duba, Qhawe Ndimande and Mthoko Mkhwanazi – Durban (KZN), Mlondi Ngubani –  Pietermaritzburg (KZN), Sabelo Cele – Pietermaritzburg (KZN), Sizwe Hlophe – Durban (KZN) and Thulisile Binda – Johannesburg (Gauteng).


For the second year running the Centre for Creative Arts, will honour one of the works with the “JOMBA! Pick Of the Fringe Award” in recognition of the excellence that independent artists and companies bring to this platform. This award comes with a small cash prize but more significantly the artist making the winning work is automatically invited to the 2019 JOMBA! KZN ON THE EDGE platform to premier a new fuller length work that will be financially and technically supported by JOMBA!


The adjudication panel for 2018 are Adrienne Sichel - independent arts/dance journalist and writer, and curator for The Ar(t)chive at the Wits School of Arts., Lauren Warnecke – special guest to the JOMBA! 2018 festival, dance writer and journalist (Chicago, USA)  and Musa Hlatshwayo – dancer, choreographer and Director for Mhayise Producitons and 2018 recipient of the Standard Bank Yong Artist Award. 


Last year’s award went to Pietermaritzburg’s JC Zondi, who has now been invited to present a new work on the “JOMBA! ON THE EDGE” platform on Tuesday, September 4 at 7.30pm at the Sneddon.


Then in an endeavour to encourage young dancers, the free JOMBA! Youth Fringe takes place at the Open Air Theatre (UKZN – Howard College Campus) on Sunday 2 September at 2pm.


This is a popular festival event for the sheer vitality and energy of the performances,  and is a showground for young dancers under 16. This year will feature works by many of Durban’s dance development programmes showing off the incredible dance training being given. Twelve groups of young KZN dancers feature including Siyakhula Dance Project (Flatfoot Dance Company) – KwaMashu, Newlands Youth Organisations – Newlands, Project Hheshe Nsizwa(Flatfoot Dance Company) – Umlazi, Project Dudlu Ntombi (Flatfoot Dance Company) – Umlazi, Martizbrug College - Pietermatrizburg, St. Annes  - Hilton, Slangspriut – Pietermatrizburg,Epworth School – Pietermaritzburg, Nqabakazulu High School – KwaMashu, Waterloo Dance Programme (Flatfoot Dance Company) – Waterloo, JG Zuma High School – Inanada, William Clarke Gardens Dance Programme  (Flatfoot Dance Company) – Sherwood.


Tickets at the Sneddon Theatre are R80 or R60 (scholars/students/pensioners/block booking of 10 or more). Booking through Computicket (or at venue from one hour before). Durban Art Gallery and Open Air Theatre are free events.


Like on Facebook (JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience) and follow on Twitter (Twitter@Jomba_dance).



JOMBA! Dance and Choreographic Workshops

Media Release

JOMBA! Dance and Choreographic Workshops


The annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience will host a variety of workshops open to the general public from 29 August to 8 September at various venues around Durban. 


JOMBA! is hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts and celebrates its 20th edition this year under the theme ‘Legacy’. These workshops fall within the festival’s ongoing endeavours to develop the South African contemporary dance landscape, and are offered free of charge to participants, however booking is essential as places are limited. Unless otherwise stated these workshops are open to dancers 18 years and older of all abilities.


An Afrofusion session for youth from 6 to 18 years of age conducted by Johannebsurg-based Moving Into Dance Mophatong kicks off the workshops at KwaMashu Sports Hall on Thursday 29 August from 4pm to 5:30 pm.  On the same day, other dance-makers from Moving Into Dance Mophatong will conduct an Adult Afrofusion session from 4:30 to 6 pm. This and all other workshops take place at the UKZN Dance Studio, Drama Studies Practical Block.


From India, celebrated dance-maker Anita Ratnam will facilitate a workshop on Saturday, 1 September from 10am to 12noon. This choreographic workshop looks at some of the styles and techniques that Anita uses to create her dance work. No prior knowledge of Indian classical dance is needed and this workshop.


Award-winning Durban dancer and choreographer, Musa Hlatshwayo will facilitate a session which focuses on growing the lexicon of dance language that includes an encounter with both traditional and African contemporary dance styles. This workshop takes place on Tuesday, 4 September from 4pm to 6pm.


Malagasy dance-maker Gaby Saranouffi and South Africa’s Moeketsi Koena will facilitate a workshop that will look into exploring some of the unique contemporary styles and techniques that are seen at the confluence of their collaborative dance work. This takes place on Thursday, 6 September from 5pm to 6:30 pm.


Spain’s extraordinary Aida Colmenero Diaz takes a session on September 8 from 10am to 12 noon where she will explore her African dance and Spanish roots in a fire-filled and energetic workshop.


Swiss choreographer and dancer Ioannis Mandafounis will facilitate a closed workshop between with 12 invited young professional Durban dancers where he will be pushing technique and improvisational skills.


To book a place email no later than 2 days before the workshop.



20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience “LEGACY” 28 August – 9 September 2018

20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience


28 August – 9 September 2018


Durban, SA: The annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, celebrates its 20th edition with the theme ‘Legacy’, from 28 August to 9 September 2018 at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, with special performances at the Open Air Theatre and the Durban Art Gallery. This landmark edition celebrates 20 years of bringing Durban the world through contemporary dance and nurturing and supporting the development of contemporary dance through open workshops, grants and the creation of platforms for dance-makers to showcase their work.


This year’s JOMBA! sees dance companies and choreographers making their way from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Spain, Switzerland, India, USA and Madagascar to join Durban companies in a programme of innovative dance theatre work that promises to provoke, entertain, delight and challenge. This 2018 ‘Legacy’ edition of JOMBA! also has a strong focus on ‘Durban Dances’ and offers unprecedented spaces for the evolution of eThekwini’s dance community. 


The JOMBA! opening features Johannesburg-based Moving into Dance Mophatong (MIDM) which is celebrating its own 40th anniversary this year. “As they performed in the very first edition of JOMBA! in 1998, we felt it only fitting to honour them,” says Artistic Director of JOMBA! Lliane Loots.  MIDM will perform two new works: Sunnyboy Motau’s “Man Longing”, a brooding yet beautiful work that uses dance and poetry to explore the sinister world of human trafficking, and guest artist, Khutjo Green’s collaboration with MIDM women dancers. “The women who fell from the moon” inspired by the Nina Simone’s song ‘Four Women’, a searing exploration of the collective power of woman.


The acclaimed Indian dancer and choreographer Anita Ratnam presents her iconic and award winning work “A Million Sitas. Heralded as one of the forerunners of Indian contemporary dance, Ratnam’s performance weaves the many disciplines of dance, theatre, ritual, archaeology and women's issues. “A Million Sitas” is a re-telling of the classic Ramayana, using every weapon in her creative dance arsenal - voice, movement, song, dance, and storytelling - to illuminate the character of Sita. 


Two dance-makers from Madagascar feature this year: Malagasy Gaby Saranouffi partners with  South Africa’s Moeketsi Koena in a riveting duet “CORPS/BODY” a collaboration between four artists from France, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique that explores embodied links between the real and unreal through photography, music and dance.  And Malagasy Haja Saranouffi presents a duet called “Danse Des Bouteilles” based on a dual between myth and reality and in which the ‘art of bottles’ interrogates how we place value on a person in society. 


Spain’s Aïda Colmenero Dïaz presents her solo “AKA NATIVA”; a quirky and beautiful work using voice and body that is a manifesto for life and the living. Dïaz has a strong and long relationship with many African dancers, which led to her astounding short-film project called “SHE POEMS” of solo dance performed by creative African women that Dïaz has encountered in her travels on the African continent and are inspired by poems written by women. Some of the these will be screened at JOMBA! @ DAG.


Swiss choreographer and dancer Ioannis Mandafounis, once again shares his unique vison of challenging audience/dancer relationships. His latest duet “ONE-ONE-ONE” offers the simple staging of two parallel lines on the floor and two chairs, one on each line. The dancers invade the public space and invite the audience into an unexpected experience providing a witty and challenging dance work. 


As part of this year’s “Legacy” theme and “Durban Dances” focus,  grants, commissions and various spaces for the ongoing evolution of eThekwini’s dance were given to local dance-makers. 2018 Standard Bank Young Artist (SBYA) for Dance, Durban’s own Musa Hlatshwayo presents, “UDODANA”, which premiered at the National Arts Festival playing to standing ovations. This powerful work explores the black male body, challenging both traditional and religious systems that continue to dehumanise men into a state “where black masculinities are forever changing for the worst while patriarchy continues to reign supreme”.


JOMBA! presents an unique collaboration between Durban’s Flatfoot Dance Company and Cape Town’s Unmute Dance Company. Both dance companies have a reputation for working in spaces that challenge access and inclusivity in South African dance and this meeting is sure to be explosive. A double bill kicks off with Yaseen Manuel’s provocative “ASLAMA” and the journeys into his own identity as a Muslim South African dancer. “ASLAMA” takes its inspiration from the struggles of the Syrian people. In a context of on-going war and violence, Manuel – and the dances from Unmute and Flatfoot - wonder where personal faith comes into our making of dance. The second work, a collaboration between choreographers Lliane Loots and Andile Vellum is titled “The Longitude of Silence”, which has been created over only 14 rehearsals in 14 days. “The Longitude of Silence” begins to question how we map identity through shared sound and ask what happens in the chasm of silence.


JOMBA! 2018 grants were awarded to three young professional local dance-makers to premier new work on the especially focused JOMBA! ON THE EDGE platform. JC Zondi, the 2017 winner of the ‘JOMBA! Pick of the Fringe’ award, opens this platform with “Classi_filed”, the gutsy Kristi-Leigh Gresse  offers her newest creations “Blank” and Tshediso Kabulu, sharing this grant with fellow dancer Thami Majela, presents a joint creation called “IMVELO”. 


JOMBA! hosts its first major partnership with the Durban Art Gallery on Friday 7 September. Titled ‘JOMBA!@ DAG’, this free event sees the DAG spaces offer an alternate kind of challenge to dance-makers and for those intrepid artists who work outside of the traditions of the proscenium arch. Coinciding with the DAG Women’s Month exhibition titled “SHE”, this JOMBA! event has offered grants to three local female dance makers to premier new work. Lorin Sookool, Jabu Siphika and Zinhle Nzama.


Usual festival favourites will include the  Fringe and youth fringe as well as a full programme of workshops and master classes by all of the participating dancers and choreographers. For the full festival programme and listing of workshops go to and click on the JOMBA! page. All workshops and classes are offered free of charge (dancer over 16yrs only) but booking is essential.


Most performances take place at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at 7.30pm (9 September @ 2.30pm) with the youth fringe at the Open air Theatre UKZN on 2 September at 2pm and Durban Art Gallery 7 September at 6pm. Tickets at the Sneddon Theatre are R80 or R60 (scholars/students/pensioners/block booking of 10 or more). Booking through Computicket (or at venue from one hour before). Durban Art Gallery and Open Air Theatre are free events.


Like on Facebook (JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience) and follow on Twitter (Twitter@Jomba_dance).


The 20th JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience is under the artistic direction and curatorship of Lliane Loots and is organised and hosted and run by the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal), and is supported primarily by the eThekwini Municipality. 



SPAR KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge Grand Finals St Marys DSG, Kloof: 21 – 22 July

SPAR KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge

Grand Finals

St Marys DSG, Kloof: 21 – 22 July


After a flawless performance, Saints defended their title in magnificent style at the Eighth SPAR KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge, with a determined 3 – 0 win against St Anne’s College in the Grand Finals.


St Mary’s added to their impressive tally at the SPAR Grand Finals, making the 2018 win their fourth time raising the trophy in the history of this tournament and third consecutive win, having won the tournament in 2012, 2016, 2017 and now 2018, overtaking Durban Girls College who dominated in the years 2013, 2014, 2015.


St Mary’s hit the astro in top gear for the finals, dominating for majority of the game and not allowing the visiting St Anne’s to really get into the game.  Having previously played each other in the pool games where the scoreline was 2-1 to St Mary’s DSG.

All three goals were netted by Jodie Conolly who displayed superb skills with the stick. Her first goal was mid-way through the first half, in a short corner. The ball went to the castle at the top of the D, a flurry of perfection with a fake flick, spin and then pass finding Conolly who slotted in Saints first.


The second was off a shortie that went awry for St Anne’s, the ball nudged in by Conolly, scuttling past a stretching Reo Sachane – keeper for the visiting team, and finding the foot of a defender. Umpire on the spot deemed it deliberate and Conolly got directed to the penalty spot. Stepping up, she effortlessly found the back of the box for her team’s second point.


The third and final goal was also off a set play in another short corner. This time the ball moved left to a lurking Conolly who sliced the ball through the air into the top right corner of the goal. As the clock started to wind down, Cailie den Bakker made a phenomenal, exciting run. Breaking free from the St Anne’s defence, she made a solo effort only to see her attack sadly run out of steam, unable to score her teams fourth.


Captain for St Mary’s DSG, Max Hannan stated Saint’s weekend was amazing with incredible hockey being played all round. “We dedicate our win to Kiana Cormack who is currently playing in Algeria at the African Youth Olympic Qualifiers. And of course, to Amanda Ntuli who is forever in our hearts – we miss you and think of you often. And thank you to our coaches, you keep us going!”


Head of High School Sport for St Mary’s, Malcolm Reeders enthused, “Our weekend was incredible besides the magnificent out come, our girls thoroughly enjoyed the event and played some fantastic hockey only conceding one goal in their six games! We are very grateful that SPAR puts so much effort into school girls’ hockey”


Tournament Director, Les Galloway shared, “Eight years on, and we have only been here for two days and it feels like a big family. Our Grand Finals certainly are the climax of all our regionals.”


Varsity College continued their relationship with the SPAR KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge, awarding budding hockey players bursaries. Having travelled to all the regionals around KZN, they decided to offer two bursaries. The first went to Kerryn Swanepoel from Westville Girls’ High School and the second went to Itumeleng Noko from Ridge Park College.



1 St Mary’s DSG, 2 St Anne’s College, 3 Epworth School, 4 Durban Girls’ College, 5 Our Lady of Fatima, 6 Ferrum High School, 7 King Edward High School, 8 Amanzimtoti High School, 9 Felixton College, 10 Greytown High School





DSC_6039.jpg: Firing in a shot in the dying seconds, after a fantastic break Cailie den Bakker from St Mary’s DSG reverses an attempt to go 4 up against St Anne’s in the gold silver game at the SPAR KZN School Girls’ Hockey Challenge. St Mary’s DSG defended their title in superb style, taking the game 4 nil. Falling back to defend are St Anne’s players Sarah Church and Gabi van Hone.


Pic by Jonathan Burton


St Mary’s DSG – Highway Regional Winner - Gold (2012, 2016, 2017, 2018), Bronze (2011, 2013), Fourth (2015)