Action in Autism

28 April is Autism Awareness Day: Pledge to be Silent

When two people send a message of any kind to each other with or without words, they are communicating. Autistic people all have something important to say, but they can’t always express themselves as well or as easily as people around them. Over 50 % of autistic people have severe difficulties with spoken language, and when people cannot express their basic needs or experiences to others, life can be extremely isolating and lonely.

To show acknowledgement and respect for such difference, Action in Autism invites the public to join them and thousands of non-verbal people by making a pledge to be non-verbal for two hours on Saturday 28 April at the Durban Botanical Gardens from 10am to 12 noon. Bring a picnic basket and relax in peaceful surrounds, using only signs, gestures, pointing, typing or drawing to communicate during this time.

"Speaking is not the only form of communication,” says Chairperson of Action in Autism, Liza Aziz, “We ask people to join us in honouring those who are different from you and experience their world.”

Anyone who would like to extend this awareness event to their workplace during the month of April to show acknowledgement and solidarity to people with autism can purchase stickers at R10 each and t-shirts at R100 from the Action in Autism office.

Action in Autism does not receive any funding from government and relies on sponsorship and the support of the community to continue its early intervention, support and advocacy work. Anyone wanting to contribute to the organization through cash, kind or through volunteering time, the organisation  would be most thankful. 

For more information about Action in Autism and the support to parents and families provided by the organisation, call 031 563 3039 or email