A Right to Quality Education: Is your child denied this right?

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A Right to Quality Education:  Is your child denied this right?

Action in Autism is hosting a meeting bringing the Department of Education, including directorate, parents and autistic people together in a dialogue session to air view and discuss challenges with a view to ensuring that every autistic child is able to access quality education.  

All parents, educators, managers of schools and autistic people who feel displaced inside or outside of the schooling system are invited to bring their voices to this meeting which takes place at the George Campbell School Hall from 2pm to 4pm on on Saturday 15 October.

 Action in Autism, a non-profit organisation, has been actively lobbying for a right to education for autistic children.  This advocacy work led to the creation of the Autism Action Plan for the province of KwaZulu Natal.  This was a three year plan to ensure that autistic children were included in the education system.  However there are still too many children being denied an education or receiving education that is substandard in South Africa public schools.   Action in Autism sees the impact on the family and the community when a child is left with no stimulation at home.  The organisation meets with parents and autistic learners to facilitate accessing a school.   Many families still struggle to receive fair and equal treatment within the schooling system, this despite the South African constitution that grants all children a right to education. 

Action in Autism, based in Sydenham, houses an early learning intervention centre for children ages 2 to 6 years, and provides free support, advice, research and information to people with autism and their families. A free monthly diagnostic clinic is offered to families who do not have access to medical aid, and Action in Autism runs bi-annual training workshops, hosted by a team of professionals, that aims to share information and transfer skills and techniques for communication to parents and professionals.

Entry to this meeting is free, and participants are invited to bring a plate of snacks to share. Please RSVP to 031 207 4858, or email

For more information about Action in Autism and to attend the dialogue session with the Department of Education, please call 031 207 4858 or email




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