Action in Autism/SAPS invites members of the public to "Protection and Support for People with Autism" engagement

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Action in Autism/SAPS invites members of the public to “Protection and Support for People with Autism” engagement

Action in Autism, together with the South African Police Service are inviting members of the public to a meeting that will take place on Saturday 14 November 2015 from 2pm to 4pm at the St Augustine’s School Hall, John Zikhali Road (next to the Botanical Gardens). This will be a dialogue/engagement session on the Protection and Safety of People with Autism.

People with autism and related communication disorders are vulnerable to abuse, and to becoming victims of bullying and crime. An added danger is that, in an unpredictable situation in which autistic people have little control and high anxiety, a flight and fright response can result.  Many people with autism run away in a situation perceived as threatening or unpredictable.   This is especially dangerous when police are not skilled on how to support people with communication difficulties and can even be life threatening.

The South African Police Service has asked for input from disability organisations on their Disability Action Plan. Invited guest speaker Major Lekganyane who heads Disability Services in the SAPS National Office will address their next Support Group Meeting regarding provision of police services to people with autism. All who are concerned with the protection and safety of people with autism are welcome to attend.

For further information or to RSVP for this Support Group Meeting, please call 031 207 4858, or email

Action in Autism does not receive any funding from government, if you would like to support the organization through cash or kind or through volunteering your time, we would be most thankful. For more information about Action in Autism and the support to parents and families provided by the organisation, please call 031 207 4858 or email



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