Donation from Journey Foundation for Action in Autism

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Donation from Journey Foundation for Action in Autism

Dr Adam Mohamed of the Journey Foundation is a dentist and author who lives in Durban. Action in Autism welcomed Dr Mohamed to the Action in Autism Early Intervention Centre in October, where he donated R29 498 to the organisation through his Foundation.

The impact of this donation is far-reaching, and will ensure all costs incurred by the recent Skills Transference Workshop held by Action in Autism on 16 and 17 October are covered. This workshop is held bi-annually to empower parents, educators and professionals through the transfer of skills and knowledge and hands-on, practical experience. The presenter team includes a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, two psychologists, a specialist in alternative and augmented communication systems, a parent, and a person with autism. Dr Mohamed demonstrated his commitment to autism by attending part of the workshop during the first day’s programme.

Action in Autism does not receive any funding from government, if you would like to support the organization through cash or kind or through volunteering your time, we would be most thankful. For more information about Action in Autism and the support to parents and families provided by the organisation, please call 031 207 4858 or email


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