Creston College Captain - Q & A with Captain Savannah Amy Haupt

Meet Creston College’s First Hockey Team’s Captain Savannah Amy Haupt pictured here with team mate Anathi Siyongwana. Creston hosts the KZN Southern Regional on Saturday 13 April.

Position in team: I mostly play right striker otherwise centre striker or right link
Colours/ honours for anything?: I have my honours for academics as well as half colours for both hockey and soccer

Awards for anything?: I have received awards for having made the UGU side for both hockey and soccer as well as awards for my academics.

What other sports do you play?
I also play soccer.

Are you in any provincial teams? 
Yes KZN soccer.

When did you start playing hockey? 
I've been playing hockey since Grade 1 when I was introduced to the sport at my school, Creston College.

What do you most enjoy about hockey? 
I love that it is a team sport that teaches you teamwork, patience and the importance of knowing when to rely on others to help you achieve your goals. Whilst playing the sport one is also given the opportunity to form new friendships.

Best bit of inspirational advice that you have received from your coaches?
The best advice I have received from my coaches is to never stop believing and to keep pushing yourself on the field. Other advice I have received is that a good player goes to where the ball is but that a great player sees and knows where the ball is going to end up and gets to that place.

What do you want to do after school?
I want to first take a gap year and travel and work overseas and thereafter study all while playing both hockey and soccer.

Away from school, what are your hobbies? 
I like to spend time with friends and watch movies. A lot of my time away from school involves matches and training.

What is your memory from last year’s finals? 
Unfortunately, our team didn’t qualify for quarter finals and this was particularly upsetting as we were so close; having had to participate in a shootout against Suid-Natal where we lost. The team was very heartbroken but recall the final matches as very evenly matched games.

Do you have a sporting role model?
I don’t have a specific role model but I instead look up to and admire my coaches as they help motivate me and improve my abilities and I aspire to reach their level of play.

Words you live by?
Be true to yourself and to stand up for what you believe in.