AFDA Film School at the Witness Hilton Arts Festival

AFDA Durban Campus, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance will be at this year’s Witness Hilton Arts Festival hosting two workshops aimed at scholars from grade 10 to 12 to help them make decisions about a possible career in the film industry on Friday, 13 September at 10:30am and at 13:00pm with a repeat of the 13:00pm workshop on Saturday, 14th and Sunday, 15th both at 12:30pm.

Richard Green, the head of film school at the AFDA Durban Campus will be hosting one of the two workshops on Friday, 13 September at 10:30am titled “Directing and Shooting a Film”. Having studied at the London International Film School from 1977 to 1979, Richard Green comes with loads of experience and expertise having worked as a cameraman, production manager, 1st director, director and producer. Richard has been involved in numerous well known films such as Sara Blecher’s award winning film ‘Otelo Burning’, Donovan Marsh’s novel based film ‘Spud’, ‘District 9’ and Anant Singh’s ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ which is currently in post production along with other award winning films that he has personally directed and produced through his company Richard Green and Associates.

AFDA Alumni and Durban Campus Lecturer, Amy Barns will host the second workshop on Friday, 13 September at 13:00pm titled “Performance for the stage VS performance for the Screen”. Local Actress Amy Barns has a huge passion for acting and her documentary style Honours film 'The Brave Unseen' (2012) recently received the ‘Best South African Short Film’ award at the 34th Durban International Film Festival.

Prospective students for the New Year are also welcome to meet and engage with the lecturers and staff of the film, television and performance school about enrolling into one of the degree courses offered at AFDA. For parents and students looking to book an interview with the lecturers of the campus they can e-mail Milena Gevers on or contact her on (+27) (031) 569-2252.